Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter ~2012

Mommy has lots of kitchen help with 7 little girls

Our Easter started out rough but ended 2 days later with nothing but good memories. Sat night we had spent the evening decorating Easter eggs using natural dye methods. The picture above shows two of my daughters pulling onion peels off of onions, the skin will turn our eggs a deep red. Using onion skins is an old Polish tradition that we have grown to love in our home. We also tried using spinach which was not so great, Turmeric powder which gave our eggs a great yellow color, and then the yucky food dye in a box which turned our eggs bright blue and Orange.
These are definitely different than what you see in a box kit, but love went into them and we made them so I love them. Next year will try some new ideas for dyeing Easter eggs:)

Easter Sunday was just perfect and everything fell into place and mommy was happy, until.....
I found out our stove was out of gas, no gas until Monday:( At first I was upset and I bite my tongue and tried to figure something out. We had 3 hours before Church and I had meals to finish up before church that morning, what was I going to do. Well my husband always has great ideas so I asked what in the world do we do now we have no stove.
My hubby brought in a plug in burner and my Roaster, and said this should help until Monday. Well our big Easter dinner was on Monday and gas would be at our home Monday Morning so I calmed down and came up with a new menu for church. We brought Ham and cheese sandwiches to church which requires no cooking, Easter bread which was already done, Easter colored eggs also already done, and Whiskey-Glazed Carrots. The Carrots took forever to cook but they did turn out very yummy!

I forgot the picture of the carrots, and our Easter eggs are up above.

Church was wonderful as always and the fellowship with friends on Easter Sunday was so nice, what a great way to celebrate the day.
That afternoon when we returned home I had remembered I had not taken a single picture of anything or anybody at church. I really need to remember my camera I miss so much when I do that.

Monday 2 day of the Easter celebration

After all the excitement of opening spring baskets and searching for eggs and treats, we tried to get a picture of all the girls. This is the best I could get this year, if everyone just held still and faced the front, left each other’s hair alone, and stopped all the happy giggling it would have been just weird. This is life and my girls always have fun, well not always but most of the time:)

Spring baskets with new books and toys, and candy of course.

Easter egg hunt where each girl found a new hula hoop

Dinner was wonderful and I managed to get almost everything on my list done by Dinner time. We ateearlier than dinner hour which left plenty of time to visit with Grandma and play games as a family.
Our Easter feast included Veggie and fruit tray before dinner, baked ham, Green bean casserole, Au gratin potatoes, homemade Mac and cheese, cranberries, homemade rolls with Lamb butter, and a Cross Cake for dessert.

Our homemade rolls are really in the basket, but I forgot to lift the cover:)


Happy Easter!

Friday, April 6, 2012

My Daybook::April 5, 2012 {Holy Week}

Outside my Window... after some cooler spring weather, we are finally having a sunny day. Our Tulips and early spring flowers are blooming, and it puts a smile on my face.
I am thankful...
for God! I took Lent off of blogging which was hard but needed, and read my Bible more instead:) I am thankful for the wonderful people in my life. I am also thankful for health, we have all been sick in our home this past Lent. When you have 10 people in a smallish home all throwing up or coughing it can make life very challenging. Praise God we are all better!

I am thinking...
about Holy week and Easter and how well planned I am this year. I feel I am very relaxed and ready for the next 5 days, which will be busy but also fun.

Lot of learning...
well not as much as I would have liked due to colds but that's okay. We have some work ahead of us and catching up to do to make up some lost time. I have so much planned for the rest of the year and I am excited to share it with my girls. We school year round now instead of taking off 3 months, the girls love that they just might finish high school early. Next week we will be starting our State by state scrapbooking and baking class, this is going to be so much fun. It may take 2 years to go through everything but that's fine with us. Thank you Jessica for this wonderful idea!

Living for our Lord each day, and learning  much along the way...
We try our best to live for the Lord each and every day. This Lent has been not as busy as normal, which I must say was an okay thing. We normally do so much that dinner is more like a mini Bible study to our family. We have several activities that we enjoy and learn from that we started and did not finish. Our Jesus tree is half way done and our Noah's boat has windows still closed, but that's life.
We did set out our stations of the cross and as a family we studied and learned more about what Christ went through for us. 

From the Kitchen...
Lenten teas, lots of remodeling and kids everywhere:) We choose to do some work in the Kitchen and bathroom these last 2 monhs. I think my husband did a fantastic job, everything he does is fantastic and I really mean it. My husband is a very smart man if he puts his mind to it he can accomplish it and accomplish it well.
My husband put the floor in a few days earlier and now is working on the new counters.
Kitchen sink, fixtures, appliances and much more in the days ahead.

I am creating...
Easter baskets and Easter egg hunt eggs for Sunday and Monday. I have been thinking that maybe we should do Easter baskets and egg hunts on Monday. The Easter season lasts 50 days really you have lots of time to give your children gifts of spring.  I have been feeling that Easter Sunday should be all about our Lord and fellowship and not Easter egg hunts and baskets full of candy and gifts. We have not opened Christmas gifts on Christmas day for a couple years now and I feel this should be no different.

I am working on...
cleaning out my basement, and the rest of my home for Easter, maybe even my van. I have also started working on Julia's first grade lessons since she has finished Kindergarten. We school year round now so we are able to just keep moving forward, wish I thought of this years ago.

I am going...
to pray that my hubby can finish some of the projects he has stated. When early spring and summer hit in our area my husband will put in long hours at work, and when he's home he needs to rest.

I am hoping...
to rest most of the day on Saturday to prepare my heart for Communion and Fellowship on Easter Sunday, which means my Good Friday may be busy.

I am reading...
my Bible alot these days since my heart is full of many questions. I am aslo reading Rome Sweet Home , What Jesus saw from the cross, and listening to a wonderful book called Reforming Marriage. Reforming Marriage is by far one of my favorite books now, I think  every married couple should listen to this or read it.

I am praying...
for my health as I come closer to my 20 week ultrasound, I am always a little scared at this time. I am praying and praising the Lord for my Pastor and his family, what a blessing they have been to us. I continue to pray for our country and for all the unborn babies killed by abortion, I ask the Lord to please keep us safe in his arms, Chrisians in our country are facing hard time right now. I rest knowing that God the creator of the world is always in control, his plans are perfect.

Around the house...
I see lots of kids with smiles on their faces, which makes mommy very happy.
CJ had a dount and was full of chocolate when she was all done. I just had to take a picture of her she was having so much fun. We gave up sweets for Lent but on Sundays we let it slide a little and Auntie was up for a vist so we had a little extra fun.

One of my favorite things...
Mornings out with my hubby:) A big ,big perk when you have grandpa living with you. We can leave when the kids are still sleeping and get away for alone time. We have done this a few times now and we think once a week is a must, even if it is only for a few hours.

Our plans for the rest of the week....
  •  Have our Good Friday Lenten tea
  •  Go to Good Friday Mass
  •  Try to finish up our chores before Easter, we are almost done
  •  Make up my food for Church on Sunday, and start on Monday's meals
  •  Make Easter eggs and sweets for Easter with the girls
  •  Spend the day at Church on Easter Sunday with family and friends.

A little look at our Thursday Lenten Tea...

A little look at our Holy Thursday Lenten Tea.