Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Have a Blessed and safe New Year's!  See you in 2010!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Praying,Hoping and Plannng for 2010

As we get ready for a New Year my husband and I our planning and praying. The years go by so fast that life feels as if it is moving at top speed. All we can do is enjoy every day we are given from our Father in Heaven. Why do we make plans for a New Year? Why even bother we just end up breaking them in 3 weeks and then we feel as if we have failed. The big one is always weight everyone is going to fit in that bathing suit that the model in the magazine is wearing. Another is a bad habit you're going to stop that bad habit you started 5, 10 20yrs ago. Great you want to change something you hate about yourself and you want to make yourself feel better. Here's the thing though is there really a problem and have you gone to the right person to correct the problem.

Forget trying to be something God has not made you to be and be what God has made you to be. Why not try asking you’re father in heaven to help you lose weight or stop that bad habit. You know he is the only one that can help you. He is the one that will give you the strength to fight the Giants that you may think are attacking you making you feel less important.
Prayer, Reading your Bible and Fasting will change you life and guess what it's free.

So this year is no different from others for are family. We pray to become closer to God even closer then last year. I give him my extra weight and my struggles and know he hears me because he always hears me. In God's time my prayers will be answered if he feels they need to be. I am not saying you don't have to do things on your end to make things change. Just remember though he should be the first one you go to so you don't make the wrong decisions on your path to change.

Some of my Wishes and Prayers for 2010 are the same as past years. We have some new prayers and dreams this year as each New Year brings different challenges.
This year we have so much to pray for maybe more this year then any other year I can remember. Are freedom of speech, religion and the right to life has slowly began to be striped from us. Pray everyone please pray for our country add this to your New Years resolutions. Pray to stop all the madness that people in this country are trying to do.

So let’s take out wasteful things that just hinder our lives. Let’s put down things that will honor God, our marriages, and help our Children grow in his name.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart
And do not lean on your own understanding
In all your ways acknowledge him
And he will make your paths straight."
Proverbs 3:5-6

Monday, December 28, 2009

Just plan sick but Happy

Okay for the past couple days I have been sick with the stomach bug what a horrible feeling. All I want to do is just go to bed and sleep. I do have children so this is just not going to happen. Today I took my girls to see 2 movies at our Library, returned a toy to a store in town, went to the post office for my father, took my girls to lunch and went to the store for buttermilk so we could have pancakes in the morning. You know what; even though I was feeling sick I loved it and felt great seeing my girls smile away. Amazing what a mother will do for her children. I figure there will be a day when I can just baby myself and sit in bed but I hope not for a very long time. Some think I am weird for having so many children I think I am blessed and pray the Lord will bless us with more. So now my house is quite just the baby is up nursing I can sip my hot tea and type my blog and just wait for this little bug in my tummy to leave and pray by morning it’s gone. Being a mother is a fulltime job a 24hr job that I am so glad to have.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cooking in 2010 while schooling and raising 6 little girls

You know I love to cook I always have.  I am a good cook so I have been told by many.  Yes I have 6 kids and yes I home school my girls.  I have set up a challenge for myself in 2010 and that is to cook as much as I can.  I know I can do this and I plan on having some help along the way my girls and great chefs that make great recipes.  I will make 3 recipes a day for my children and family.  That's 365 Breakfast items, 365 Lunch items, and 365 dinner items.  I always am trying to put a menu together and never find the time well that's about to change.

I may start a new blog for this not sure but will know by Jan 1 2010. I will use all kinds of recipes this year from lots of sources.  They will be healthy, I will use as much Organic items as I can, I will also try to make it budget friendly. Some recipes might be a little more expensive well because Lobster and clams just cost a lot.  Since this is an area I am challenged with the most I ask for lots of prayers.  I need to do this for myself and my family. 

My girls and I are up for the challenge join us in the kitchen.  What a great place to make family memories!!


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Saturday, December 26, 2009

St Stephen

We just read about him in Acts chapter 6 and 7. What a wonderful man if you have not read about him yet you should. God has sent so many great men to help us in this world.  I pray more people would turn to the Truth to Jesus Christ and I wait for his return.

We also read 2 books tonight that were just so good. Good King Wenceslas and Stephen's Feast.

In the book Good King Wenceslas at the end it says "Therefore, Christians all, be sure, wealth or rank possessing, ye who now will bless the poor, shall yourselves find blessings" How true this is this is something I have believed for a very long time.

What a wise King.

Christmas Day

What a day we had one we will remember for along time. We missed Mass which I was not to happy about but the Lord understands. We had 6 kids sick all within 2day before Christmas and the day of Christmas. So we sat around the tree had egg nog with Brandy and spent great family time together. We watched the Nativity movie, played games and ate way too much food. Christmas Eve we had Shrimp, deviled eggs, a spicy Taco layered dip, little tiny hotdogs, cheese and meat tray, pineapple and cherry treats, bread. Breakfast Christmas Day was an egg and sausage casserole with Sweet and spicy bacon and biscuits.

Ham, Green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, cranberries fresh ,and Cranberry and orange bread, rolls, fig and cream cheese spread with crackers and lots of appetizers from Christmas Eve.

We again were blessed and we thank God for all he has done for our family.

We read a lot of books that the girls just loved.

Christmas in the Barn
A Christmas Star caled Hannah
Who's that knocking on Christmas Eve?
A small Miracle
The Night Before Christmas

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!! Have a blessed Christmas my King has been born!!

Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

5 days till Christmas

I can't belive that Christmas is almost here. Advent again went by so fast for us. This next week is as important as we prepare even deeper for the coming of the Christ child.  Here is a little peek at our week and our past week.

Last week we read lots of books celebrated Santa Lucia Day and started celebrating the O' Antiphons

Here is a list of our books,

Arthur's Christmas
The Legend of the Poinsettia
The Night of Las Posadas
The Christmas Cobwebs
This is the Star
The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey
Angela and the Baby Jesus

O' Antiphons really is something new that we as a family are starting.  Each year we have been getting a little deeper into the meaning behind them.  We have decided to give a little gift each day or do something special for the kids.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our Lady of Guadalupe

We had a Mexican Feast and Learned about Our Lady of Guadalupe. We were going to have a Our Lady Tea but got lost in the day and never did make it.  Next year we will have it in our plans for sure.
 We did have Tacos with a Baja Sauce, Mexican Rice and a Chili Dip. We added Guacamole, Black Olives and Jalapenos. For dessert we had Mexican Orange spiced cookies.
 Here are few Pictures
A Chili Mango Dip

This was the start of a wonderful spread for the Tacos!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our second week of Advent

Wow we're in the second week of Advent and a busy week for us.  Daddy is home this week so I hope to get a lot done.  There are a lot of feasts this month so we will have lots to do. 
We will be going over a couple different countries this week with all new books and new Christmas cookies.
We will go over Russia, Switzerland, The Ukraine, Italy and Hungry.

I came up with this idea of covering Geography with Christmas over at  I changed some ideas to fit our family and places that interest us.

Sunday we celebrated the feast of St Nicholas . We read The Baker's Dozen a Saint Nicholas Tale.

Monday was the Feast of St. Ambrose he was known as the Honey-Tongued Doctor.St Ambrose is also a  Bishop and doctor of the Church. For dinner we had Honey turkey over rice and for dessert I made Peanut butter cookies with honey. That night we read Gingerbread Friends which is the second book to Gingerbread Baby.

Tuesday was the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We went to Mass which was just lovely. Our Parish has a school and all the children from the school were at morning Mass when we went.  Father explained everything in a way a child could understand so my girls just soaked it up. Being new to the Church only 1 year we soaked it up to.  After church we spent the day at home since there was a huge winter storm coming.  We made Hot water Chocolate Gingerbread cake and muffins. The smell of the bread filled the air this bread is loaded with fine spices.  This bread reminds me of Moravian Spritz Yummy!
For dinner I made a Four- Cheese Chicken Fettuccine a very rich and tasty dinner. We also had Apple Smoked Cheddar Cheese with Olives and White pepper crackers. 

Four-Cheese Chicken Fettuccine, Apple smoked Cheddar Cheese
With Olives and crackers.
Dessert Hot-water Chocolate Gingerbread

That evening my hubby took a turn reading to the little ones before bed he read The Mitten.

Wednesday is the Memorial of Saint Juan Diego we will be making this Mexican Wedding Cookies.  I add an egg to the mix and these were so good.  The books for today will be The Donkey's dream and the The Legend of Saint Nicholas.
We also watched The Polar Express at night as a family.
Mexican Wedding Cookies

Thursday we will learn a little more about Russia and make some Russian Tea Cakes. I will also cover Norwary and we will have Scandinavian Spice Cookies.  The books we will be reading will be The Wild Christmas Reindeer and The Friendly Beasts

Friday we will take a look at how the people in Italy celebrate Christmas and make Italian Sprinkle Cookies
We will also work on our Advent folders and the girls will make a Christmas craft out of their Art books.
The books we will read will be some of our new books from St. Nicholas this year.  One winter's Night and Pascual and the Kitchen Angels

Saturday is the Feast of our Lady of Guadalupe and we will be having  A tea for our Lady of Guadalupe which my girls just love. Thank you Alice for your wonderful ideas.  I will post our tea ideas up soon.  We will make the following cookie Chocolate chip with Christmas M&M's

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

St Nicholas. 2009

I just love all the feast days during Christmas. It is so nice to understand the meaning behind St. Nicholas. I had never any idea that he was a real man. I find that so sad that most people do not realize that St. Nicholas was a great Bishop he was real. I grew up thinking Santa was from the North Pole and then as I got older thinking he was just made up for kids. I never knew there was a Feast day or a real man that once lived and did wonderful things. We have learned so much since we have joined the church.

My girls understand who St. Nicholas is now and love the man who once lived for Christ like all the other Saints. This year was extra special since his Feast day fell on Sunday the second week of Advent. St. Nicholas comes on the night of December 5th and fills our girls stocking. He takes there list and leave goodies for the girls. I know that shoes are normal to leave out but my husband grew up leaving his stocking out for St. Nicholas.

The girls this year received new books, 2 new movies, lots of candy and other cute stocking goodies.

Katelin received One Winter's Night  

Grace received Pascual and the Kitchen Angels  by Tomie DePaola

Victoria received Angela And The Baby Jesus

Juliana received Christmas in the Barn

Hannah received A Christmas Star called Hannah

The girls also got 2 new movies Veggie Tales St. Nicholas A story of Joyful Giving and NIght at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian

We had a table set for a party with Raisin Cinnamon French toast, sausage, St. Nicholas hot Chocolate, Polish Gingers cookies in the shape of hearts. We covered our French toast with cherry compote which was crasins, Tart cherries, and pie filling cherries.

Our St. Nicholas Table

Finally Brunch we were all so hungry after Mass

What did you do to celebrate?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Our first week of Advent

The First week of Advent we our going to read the following books and will make the following cookies. We our learning about Germany and Poland this week and Ireland since My children and myself are Irish.

When it Snowed thatNight


Gingerbread Baby- we will read this on Thursday and make Gingerbread hearts a Polish cookie to leave for St. Nicholas. We have the sweetest little gingerbread man to go with our book.

Country Angel Christmas as we prepare for St. Nicholas

Gingerbread Friends

B is for Bethlehem A favorite of my little Hannah we started reading this everyday for a couple weeks now

The little Match Girl We hope this comes in from the library this week. If this book does not get here in time we will read it when it does. This is such a great story.

Silent Night

The Mitten this is a Ukrainian folktale and I just love Brett, Jan what a great author

An Irish Christmas a Galway Christmas a musical celebration we will watch this on Friday night

Our Cookie and meal list for the first week of Advent

Coconut balls dipped in chocolate were made on Sunday

We will be making Pfeffernuesse a German favorite of ours on Monday

December 3rd we remember St Francis Xavier. In our home we will have Spanish meatballs and Spanish rice with Flan for dessert. No cookies will be made this day.

Dec 4th we will go German and have a German dinner with Gluehwein. We will make Turkey with Sauerkraut and have German Dark and sourdough Bread.

Dec 5th we will make Gingerbread cookies, Almond Crescents, and more pfeffernuesse. The gingerbread cookies will be made into the shape of a heart a Polish tradition and Gingerbread is also much known in Germany. We will leave these out for St. Nicholas.

We will have a polish meal on Dec 5th with Pirogues, cucumber salad, and kielbasa sausage.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

What will you give up for Advent!

I was over on Elizabeth's website and it made me think I really need to give up something for Advent. What a wonderful article she wrote stop over and check it out if you can. It does all make since we get caught up in having the perfect Christmas and no one is going to get in our way. As a mother I do find myself with lots of things to do around the house and outside of the house. Even though I do all of it for my family what my family does need the most is a no stressed out mother and Wife. So this Advent I will choose to be less by the book and more up to silly laid back family time. I have other things that I will give up but that’s between me and my Father in heaven. So what about you what will you give up?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Advent 2009

My list is very long with lots of details so there may be several posts before all is said and done. This is the first year in a long time that I will not be pregnant so I will have a little more time for things. Last year I was 8 months along and feeling very tired.

Advent will start this year on November 29th and it has come so fast this year. I could not believe how fast it approached we have been so busy the past 11 months.Lets just say 2009 was tough but the Lord worked everything out like always I can count on him. So this year we feel extra blessed and can't wait to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ

Here is a little peek at our home during Advent~

The first Sunday of Advent we will light our Advent Wreath along with Advent prayers as a family. We will continue to light the same candle all week before dinner along with our prayers. The second week starting Sunday we will then light our second candle along with our Prayers until Christmas. Christmas we will replace the advent wreath with our Christ candle which we will burn at dinner every night until Lent. During Lent we put it away and will put it back after Easter.

We will be saying the St. Andrew's Christmas Novena 15 times a day until Christmas.

We will be adding again like past years Traditions from my side and my husband’s side. I am Irish and German and my husband is German and Polish. So we follow many of their traditions as a family. Here is a couple from each country

Our Irish traditions at Christmas~

We will have a single white candle in the window on Christmas Eve. This is still practiced today and has a number of purposes. The primary purpose was having a symbol of welcome to Mary and Joseph as they travelled looking for shelter. The candle also indicated a safe place for priests to perform mass as; during Penal Times this was not allowed.

I will also make many Irish meals. One for sure will be my homemade bread full of Caraway seeds and Raisins along with a Pitcher of Milk on Christmas Eve along with our Christ Candle. We do this to remember the Holy family if they were to be traveling along our home they would be welcome. Could you just imagine opening your home to the Holy family at that time?

Our German Traditions Christmas or in German Weihnachten~

The Advent calendar (Adventskalender) is a German invention which we do with our children. We have used a paper chain over the years and the last couple years have turned it into a more of an Advent paper chain thanks to Catholicmoms what a great idea.

We hope to add an Advent Calendar from Germany next year as a surprise for Advent.

Of course St Nicholas will come and we will celebrate on Dec 6th.

The Nativity is also a German tradition which we love we have several of them in our home. I would love to have a Nativity Pyramid maybe someday.

The Christmas tree was started in Germany as well. We will place our tree up 2 weeks before Christmas but will wait until Christmas Eve to turn on our lights that is the hard part for us. Oh and of course lots of German food and cookies.

Our Polish Christmas traditions~

Clean; clean we will clean the whole house in time for Christmas Eve including painting the inside of our house this year. It is said that if the windows and home were not clean by Christmas Eve then they will remain dirty the next year. My husband’s grandma had polish hospitality from what he remembers and we want to install that into our girls. We always set a place at the table in case someone needs food and warmth from the outside during Christmas supper. Now we have never used that spot but you never know when Christ might stop by or maybe an Angel.

This year we will be adding fruit to our tree and small wrapped candies this is also done in Poland. My husband grew up with this in his house.

We will also put our Stockings out on Dec 5th for St Nicholas to fill. My husband grew up with this so we will continue this.

Christmas day we will attend Mass but there will be no cooking visiting or cleaning that day. We also will be celebrating St. Stephens’s day.

Something new for us this year that we have been meaning to add to our family traditions is the Oplatek. This is a Christmas wafer made from flour and water. In the past these wafers were made by the religious and brought to homes during Advent. We hope to send these to family in there greeting cards over the years something I wish I had started years ago.

Of course there will be Polish food and sweets as well.

We will attend Mass as much as we can to prepare our hearts for the birth of Jesus Christ.

Some other things we will be doing~
Holy Heroes Advent which we our enjoying.
Our family Jesse Tree with nightly bible readings and coloring pages
Lots of Christmas stories
Tons of baking
We will of course be including the "O Antiphons and many feast days. More on this later.

Something new this year will be Jesse Tea what a great idea Jessica I think she got the idea from Alice.
Thanks to both of you for your ideas this looks like so much fun.

We have filled our reading shelf with all our Christmas books and will read 2 a night. We are hoping to add some of the ideas from Advent around the world how fun.

God Bless!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Feast Days of the Advent and the Christmas Season

Feast Days of the Advent

November 29th - First Sunday of Advent

December 3rd - Memorial of Saint Francis Xavier

December 6th - Second Sunday of Advent

December 8th - Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

December 9th - Memorial of Saint Juan Diego

December 12th - The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

December 13th - Third Sunday of Advent Gaudete Sunday
December 13th - Saint Lucy

December 17-23, Great O Antiphons

December 20th - Fourth Sunday of Advent

December 23rd - Saint John of Kanty

December 24th - Vigil of the Nativity

December 25th - Solemnity of Christmas

December 25 - January 1st - Octave of Christmas

December 26th - St. Stephen

December 27th - St. John
December 28th - The Holy Innocents

December 29th - St. Thomas Becket

December 31st - The Holy Family

January 1st - Mary, Mother of God

January 2nd - St. Gregory Nazianzen

January 2nd - St. Basil the Great

January 3rd - Most Holy Name of Jesus

January 4th - St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

January 5th - St. John Neumann

January 6th - Bl. Andre Bessette (Traditional Epiphany)

January 7th - Epiphany

January 8th - Baptism of Our Lord