Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just thought I would share...

An old clip from 2008 but once again Pastor Voddie Baucham says it how it is. It is so sad to see how some try to twist the text of the bible to fit a more modern lifestyle. Oh, and I really like Sarah Palin, but pastor Baucham once again opens my eyes to the truth.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wishing all of you a very happy...

4th of July

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless each and every one of you.
May the Lord forgive our country for all of its sins
We pray to the one and only true father in heaven that he hears our prayers today and always.
We hold in our hearts the men and women who fought and fight still today for our country.
We ask in the name of Jesus to please continue to bless America!
Today we will be spending time together working on projects, and learning about what makes our country so great.
Ways we can support our freedom and keep our freedom.
Why Daddy and Mommy buy American made products.
Why we have Men and Women fighting for our country.
It is going to be so hot today that we will most likley spend the day inside.

I hope all of you have a wonderful 4th!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Reading and Bingo!!

What a great summer we are having, a little hot but we're surviving it. Okay this year Reading and Bingo are what my kids have just been crazy about. Oh, and the library!! I love the excitement of watching them do things together more, and working hard at setting goals and sticking to it.
Last year not as much excitement about reading and bingo cards, maybe because we were doing so many other things outside of the home. This summer a whole different story!!
I thought I would share with all of you a list of Bingo ideas we have come up with. It has taken some time to come up with new ideas each week, but we're doing it! Please feel free to copy any you wish to copy down from us, trust me it will save you so much time.
Each square is a task when you finish the task you get a sticker on your square. 5 in a row and you earn a ticket, fill the card and earn an extra $3.00 plus our tickets!! We rotate the activities each week so everyone gets to do a little of everything before the end of the summer. This is a look at this week’s Bingo card. Here is a link to the original post on our Summer Plans.

Our 13yr old daughter-

Make dinner with dad (we grill out almost every night now, a great time for them to talk alone and bond).
Do dishes all week
Read for 1 hour outside
Jump rope 10 min each day
Do a state notebook page
Play soccer or kickball outside
Write a letter to Grandma T
Write a letter to Grandma G
Draw and color a picture
Help mom put new School books together and in the correct spots
Listen to an Audio Book
Write a report on any book you have read this summer
Brush the dogs
Play Wii fit for 1/2 hr
Pick 25 words out of the dictionary and write the definition for each word
Dust the house/ Dining room, living room and our bedroom
Finish 20-26 pages in math (we school year round, much more laid back in the summer but always learning).
Free Space
Wild Card Dad and Mom get to choose the activity
Play a board game with a younger sister
Study about a famous artist
Help Mom with the menu and grocery list for July
Clean out Pantry
Take 2 full quizzes in your VSP book
Pull weeds outside
Vacuum the stairs

Our 11 year old daughter-
Make lunch for everyone and bring it outside for a picnic
Don't fight with your sisters for 1 full day
Clean Pantry with Katelin (working together:))
Pick up backyard before bed
Read outside for 1 hour twice a week
Play Monopoly with Mom or Dad
Vacuum living room including downstairs
Fold and put away all the laundry for 1 day (we have 2-5 loads of laundry each day)
Color and draw a picture
Be Juliana's buddy for one day (these to seem to fight a little more than they should)
Do a state notebook page with Katelin
Sketch a plant from outside
Pull weeds outside (this really is something we all do as a family, we have a 1/2 acre and it takes work each week)
Free Space
Wild Card Dad and Mom choose the activity
Jump rope for 10 min each day
Write a letter to a Grandma
Finish 10-12 pages in math
Wash windows in the Living room and dining room
Play dress up with your little sister
Clean the whole downstairs bathroom
Play Wii Fit 1/2 hr
Clean out mom's van
Study about a famous artist
Clean under your bed
 Our 8 yr old daughter
Play basketball with dad
Play any game your little sister would like
Pull weeds with dad, or do what he needs that day in the yard
Play I Spy outside with your sisters
Send a friend a picture or letter
Keep the front Porch clean for the week
Play Wii Fit for 1/2 hr
Write a Poem to a grandma
Study a new artist
Finish 1or 2 spelling tests, and pass!
Make a rainbow with chalk outside
Make a birthday card for Grandpa
Put dishes away all week
Learn how to clean your ears
Water plants outside
Read outside for 1 hour
Clean up outside before bed
Do a state notebook
Learn how to clean and cut your nails
Brush the dogs
Jump rope outside for 15 min a day Mon- Sat
Help make breakfast
Sketch the Tiger lilies in the backyard

Our 6 year old daughter
Put diapers away
Do Hannah’s hair
Work on puzzles for 1/2 hour
Vacuum the living room
Play soccer
Watch 6 singing time DVD’s this week
2 pages in math or worksheets mom prints out
Learn how to clean the bathroom sink with a buddy
Go to bed on time each night
Sit nicely and look at books (an easy one for our home)
Set the table
Help mom clean a room
Write the ABC's
Draw a picture and send it to Grandma
Do 2 extra phonics pages
Play Goldfish with a sister
Work with water colors for 1/2 hour
Finish a chapter in our Little Pilgrims in God's World Kit (Love this set, and so do my girls)
Color a bible Picture
Read with Dad or Mom for 15 min each day
Put on a puppet show with sisters
Play on the Front Porch
Do reading Flashcards

Our 5 yr old daughter
Write your numbers 1-20
Play Kickball
Do someone’s hair
Listen to Dad and Mom for the whole day, no saying no!
Play Tag
Finish a chapter in our Little Pilgrims in God's World Kit
Write the ABC's
Feed the dogs
Really our 6 and 5 year old have almost the same bingo cards, just mixed up on different weeks
Our 3 yr old daughter
Help rinse dishes
Play outside for 1/2 hour
Let someone else watch a movie they want
Play kickball
Dress up with sisters
Watch 2 singing time DVD’s
Go to bed on time
Play a matching game
Water colors for 1/2 hour
Sit and look at books
Color in your ABC book
Help set the table
Vacuum the dining room with Mom
Say please for one day (were working on everyday:))
Play on the front porch with sisters
Play with play-do
Look at books
Be kind to others and share

**I have added to the 3 older girls Dictionary work and definition writing. Each week a new letter, write the word and whole definition for each word. They have to find 25 new words each week from whatever letter I give them. We may do something like this over the fall and winter with bible scripture :)

Really there is no end to the amount of things you can choose from. With the hot weather coming up our cards will have more to do inside than out. We try to go outside between the hours of 8am and 11am since are heat is almost unbearable.

Are home is not that big so we have to get creative with our space, our yard is very big which normally is used to burn lots of energy, but the heat has stopped us from having much yard fun.
The kids seem closer this summer working together and learning new things is fun to them. It's been really nice not hearing I'm bored or what can I do, they just look at the Bingo cards or pick a card from our bored activity vase. Ticket to summer is something we have not started yet since everything else has kept us so busy, I may add it this next week just for fun, will see.
I hope all of you are safe and staying cool this summer!!