Friday, February 22, 2013

Replacing the Grocery Store Challenge, Our List from Day 1...

 Here is the list of fruits and vegetables my family consumes.   
I will underline and bold the items I wish we ate more of.
Here is the list of Fruits and Vegetables we consume

I can't grow all of these since we are in the upper part of the United States, but always looking for good deals to can.

green beans
Brussels sprouts
kale/collard greens
swiss chard
green and red peppers
pie pumpkins
winter squash
summer squash
green onions
hot peppers
sweet potatoes
green cabbage
red cabbage
pinto beans
black beans
kidney beans
corn for popping
sweet corn

What about you? What vegetables and fruits are most eatten in your family? 
Does  your family not care for fruits and vegetables that you like?  Do you wish they ate more of one thing over the other?
Check back in a day or 2 for the 3rd day in our garden challange


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Replacing the Grocery Store Challenge Day 1

The first day of our challenge are you ready? Remember we are all in this together, this is all new to me as well. 

Day One - Foods I Consume and Foods I Wish to Consume
Okay, lets think about all the fruits and vegetables we buy at the grocery store.
My list just off the top of my head would be very long, some big ones are-
apples, strawberries, zucchini, kale, carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli, and cauliflower.
Now we need to write down what we normally buy, and write down what we would like to eat more of.
First column is what you normally eat and the second column is for what you would like to eat more of.
If you eat a lot of apples than this would go in the first column.
If you like carrots but really don't eat it very often write it down in the second column.
Remember we are growing a garden that we can live on daily, make sure you are staying focused on what your family eats!
We are trying to make this a garden you will be proud to eat from. We are trying to cut down our grocery bills, and shopping trips.
Also she says to make sure you have foods that hold up well. We will be stocking up for the year maybe longer and we want things to taste good and not go bad.
Lets make the best out of our garden this year. Read up on what you can grow in your area as well, and what you can stock up on when it hits the sales. Always check with local farmers before you go to the stores, this can really save your family  a lot.
I will drive about 2 hrs north for good Organic apples this year to can, I don't have a apple tree. I do know that my area can handle lots of other things so that's what I will plant in my family garden.  
Remember not to waste any garden space, maybe skip some of the flowers for tomatoes plants this year:)
I will have my list up in the morning to share with all of you, I would love to hear what your doing?
Day 2 will require some math skills:) I will be posting day 2 in a couple of days or sooner.
Thanks again to Our Simple Farm for this great idea.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Replacing the Grocery Store Challenge

I have access to a grocery store but I would much rather have one on our home!
 Maybe one that looks like this
With the way our economy is going I don't want to leave it up to the stores to supply food for my family.
Yes somethings will still be needed from the store but not everything.
 I am taking the Challenge for my family and my pocket book!
I want to know everything that is going into my body, I want to be healthier!
I want to be self sufficient! 
So it is time for a different mindset, a different way of thinking and living.
Each day or every couple of days we will work on a new part of the challenge so check back soon. I'm a little behind since I just found out about this challenge yesterday, so bare with me:) 
I will be posting everything we are going to do on my blog, yours might be different.
Some of us have to work with smaller areas some larger.
We are hoping to buy a 20 acre farm in the next couple of weeks just for farming and personal food.

 Maybe you have more land maybe some of you have city lots. I think we should all try to garden at any level we can.
Remember this will have to be a commitment or it won't work.
 I can't wait to hear your ideas:) 
 Join me over at Our Simple Farm


"Shaking Off the Bonds of Lent" With some changes..

I spoke in my last post about something my family does each year during Lent. It is called "Shaking off the bonds of stuff." This is where you spend 40 day of Lent shedding the clutter in your lives, so that you can focus more on walking closer with our Lord through Lent. The original post and idea came from My little flower blog, but since we are not Catholic we had to change a few things.
Day 1 Ash Wednesday : Make a decision to stay out of stores until after Easter. These would be stores that really don't need to be visited during Lent. If you do buy something write it down to keep track of all the "stuff " you thought you needed. 
Day 2 : Clear out all the trash in your Van and Sparkle the inside up. Make a decision to stop picking up free things you don't really need. If you do may be give to your local donation center.
Day 3 : Collect all unmatched socks and put them in a plastic bag. Set aside. [You'll see on Day 40 that if you haven't yet discovered the matches to the socks, you'll joyfully throw those mismatched socks away.]
Day 4 : Recycle newspapers over one week old, even if you haven't read them. [On Day 6 we'll throw out catalogs. On Day 28 we'll toss magazines, so you need tackle only newspapers today. If you are feeling super ambitious, tackle all three today and then tackle something different on Days 6 and 28!]
Day 5 : Empty your laundry room completely. Wash, fold, mend, iron, and return every item to its proper place or give it to your parish St. Vincent de Paul Society or Goodwill.

Day 6 : Throw out all old catalogs. They will send new ones.

Day 7 : Throw out all expired coupons and sale notices.

Day 8 : Give every gift you received and never used to someone who needs it or could use it more than you. If you can't think of anyone, toss it.

Day 9 : Go through your photos. Toss those of people whose names you can't remember and all ugly or unflattering photos.

Day 10 : Give all you junk  food away that has been in your kitchen cabinets for more than a month. Place these items in the garbage, people at food pantrys need good healthy food not junk.

Day 11 : Collect all stained and ripped clothing hanging in your closets. Either mend it or throw it out immediately.

Day 12 : Dispose of all the recipes you cut out and haven't used.

Day 13 : Go through your clothes. Give away everything that doesn't fit or doesn't flatter. (Maternity clothes do not count).

Day  14 : Throw away all broken toys and games with missing parts.

Day 15 : Go through old paint and throw out what is unusable. If the can is near empty, allow it to dry out before throwing it in the trash. Check your phone book for proper disposal sites for full cans.

Day 16 : Throw away medicine that has expired.

Day 17 : Toss cosmetics that have expired.

Day 18 : Give away or sell any books you have finished reading or do not want any longer.

Day 19 : Free day fill in what you would like here, make it fun.

Day 20 : Free day fill in what you would like here, make it fun.

Day 21 : Evaluate your collections. Give away or sell those that no longer interest you.

Day 22 : Go through old craft supplies and give away those that you don't have a reasonable expectation of using again.

Day 23 :  Throw away all notices and announcements for past events and events you have no intention of attending.

Day 24 : Take all the address labels and notes, enter the information into an address book and throw away the originals.

Day 25 : Throw away all broken appliances. Give away or sell those that work but which you no longer use.

Day 26 : Toss curtains, mini blinds ect.. you have replaced because they were ugly, faded, or worn.

Day 27 : Get rid of or repair broken furniture.

Day 28 : Go through all the magazines in your house. Sort them into piles:--keep for reference (only if you actually reference them)
--toss after 6 months

--toss after each month and
--toss immediately

Day 29 : Dispose of chipped and broken dishes. Go through your dishes and glasses. If you have complete sets, give away the pieces of incomplete sets.

Day 30 : Throw out anything that has been in your freezer for more than six months. If you don't know how long it has been there, throw it away.

Day 31 : Go through all your plastic bags and recylce what you don't need.

Day 32 : Free day fill in what you would like here, make it fun.

Day 33 : Free day fill in what you would like here, make it fun.

Day 34 : Give away or sell clothes your children have outgrown. If you anticipate having more children, sort the outgrown clothing carefully and pack away only those that you would want the next child to wear.

Day 35 : Throw away flowers and, out-of-control plants.

Day 36 : Throw away broken, chipped or ugly decorative items.

Day 37 : Give away entertainment or computer equipment you no longer use. Then do the same with CDs, records, and tapes.

Day 38 : Sort through wires, cables, power cords, and chargers and get rid of those that don't match up with items you still use.

Day 39 : Go through excess paper. File it or throw it out. Than test all pens and throw away the ones that don't work.

Day 40 : Have the Mates to your socks shown up, if not, joufully toss the whole bag in the trash


Monday, February 18, 2013

Lent Plans for 2013

As you may have noticed I have not been blogging much these days. I have chosen to not blog as much during Lent and instead spend more time with my family and my Bible.

We had a great Fat Tuesday with a Kings Cake and we spent the evening making our plans for the next 40 days. We skipped Paczki sweets this year and really had a simple first few days of Lent.  

My husband showed me a passage in scripture that really speaks about not sharing certain things with others. He said somethings are meant to be between God and yourself and not to be shared. Here is what Scripture says

Matthew 6:16-18
16 “Moreover, when you fast, do not be like the hypocrites, with a sad countenance. For they disfigure their faces that they may appear to men to be fasting. Assuredly, I say to you, they have their reward. 17 But you, when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face, 18 so that you do not appear to men to be fasting, but to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.

So, this year during Lent I will not be blogging every little thing we are doing and keeping myself more focused on family alone time and private worship time like I said above.

Something new for us this year came from our Pastor.   He sent out a  reading list which is a forty-day spiritual reflection reading list.  40 days through John's Gospel is what it's called and it has been a true blessing for us.  It starts Ash Wednesday and ends Easter Sunday but you can catch up if you start today. On the Lord's day we have no readings since Sundays we will be spending this day in church for the Sabbath.  Here is the reading list for you below I hope you join me in this and also prepare your heart for Easter this year.
Ash Wednesday  1:1-28
Thur. 1:29-51
Fri. 2:1-25
Sat. 3:1-21

Mon. 3:22-36
Tues. 4:1-42
Wed. 4:43-54
Thur. 5:1-29
Fri. 5:30-47
Sat. 6:1-21

Mon. 6:22-59
Tues. 6:60-71
Wed. 7:1-31
Thur. 7:32-53
Fri. 8:1-30
Sat. 8:31-59

Mon. 9:1-41
Tues. 10:1-21
Wed. 10:22-42
Thur. 11:1-27
Fri. 11:28-57
Sat. 12:1-26

Mon. 12:27-50
Tues. 13:1-20
Wed. 13:21-38
Thur. 14:1-14
Fri. 14:15-31
Sat. 15:1-17

Mon. 15:18-27
Tues. 16:1-15
Wed. 16:16-33
Thur. 17:1-26
Fri. 18:1-24
Sat. 18:25-40

Mon. 19:1-27
Tues. 19:28-42
Wed. 20:1-18
Thur. 20:19-30
Fri. 21:1-14
Sat. 21:15-25

Along with our readings we will be doing our Jesus Tree with daily readings and Coloring pages.

The Jesus tree is a great way to do a Lenten Bible Study with your children. Everyday during Lent our children look forward to reading the Bible story of the day. After the story and coloring page we add a ornament on the tree to go along with each bible verse. Like are daily family reading above we will be going through the scriptures of the bible from the time of Jesus birth to the death and Resurrection.

My next Post will be our 40 days of "Shaking off the Bonds of Stuff" something I learned about last year over at My Little Flower. We will be changing it up a lot but I still needed to give credit to My Little Flower since I did get the idea from reading her blog.

We have our purple candles out, our sacrifice beans ready for use, and our deep purple table cloth on our dining room table. The decor is settle and calm as we remember the life of Christ and all he did for us.

Along the way we will read many books, do many activities and maybe even have a tea and lunch time. 

What are your family plans for Lent this year?


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy St. Valentine's Day

Hannah 2007
What a little sweetheart!
 Praying you all have a very loving, and relaxing day!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Be My Valentine ~ Week 4 ~ Passion is Not Just for the Movies

Okay ladies it's week 4 of our Marriage Challenge, how did you all do last week? That was sure a fun week, I think my husband enjoyed it VERY MUCH!!

For this week seeing it is the week of Valentine's I thought it would be fun to share our plans with one another. I already posted my family plans in an earlier post but I wanted to make this post a little more about what we expect our day to look like.

Do you have high expectations for this upcoming February 14th?  Can I help you out by asking you to lower your expectations for this big day? I know my husband is not a romantic kind of man and I know he even forgets this day almost every year. I also know my husband loves me 365 day out of the year and is not only my one true love on February 14th.

Every store you walk into will make you feel that if you are not showered with gifts you are not loved.  I am here to tell you before I go any further into this post that this is just not true. Most man have no idea what you really want since they can't read your mind, and most men are just romantic like you see in the movies. Men are built very different than women, and I think that this day should really be about us ladies using our love talents on our men.

Women are the ones that need love and Men need respect. Husbands are to love there wife as Christ loved the Church, but men  just don't get all mushy over love stories and romantic novels like women. Love is not Roses and Candy once a year and it does not mean your husband is any less in love with you if he does not buy these things.  

Every day our hearts should be turned outward and upward, not just on holidays!

Philippians 2:3 &4 says “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.”

Instead of waiting on your husband this year way not shower him with respect and love! Men are to show love to their wife and love can be shown in many ways. Remember we are to show respect to our husbands and getting all mad over forgotten roses and really bad cards is not lifting him up in the talents God gave him.

If flowers and candy make you happy maybe you could let him know how much you love to receive flowers and candy on this day. Your husband really has no idea what you would like unless you express to him your desires. Do the same for him ask him what he would like to do on this day. It's better than guessing and it helps both of you communicate with each other.

Remember the title of this blog "Passion is Not Just for the Movies" its true passion is made for a married man and his wife.

Here are a few ideas that might make your man happy on this night of Love,

A great tasting, looking and smelling meal, I like to have a family afternoon and an evening of just my husband and I.

A night of Passion, remember all the crazy things you did alone together when you were newly married. Flirt, touch and give him a night he won't forget!

Play games only made for married couples

Write a love letter letting your husband know all the things you love about him. Read it out loud to him during your special dinner. Maybe make this a dinner game where you each write down the things  you love about each other and then read it out loud.


Our Valentine's Day Plans for 2013

With Valentines this week, the start of Lent and a full calender of events I may need to add a few hours to my day.

I can't believe Valentines Day is almost here where is 2013 going!
I have some fun plans that will included  loving up my husband and enjoying a night of togetherness without children, at least I hope.  Amazing how many years I have been with my husband, we have been married almost 16 years and this will be our 16th Valentines together.  I pray we have 60+ more great years together, my husband is my best friend and I can't see going through life without him by my side.

What a great night to share your love with the man of your dreams!

Our plans for this year will be day time activities with the kids and evening plans that included only my hubby and I.

I always have fun activities planned for my kids and this year will be no different.

The activity plans for the day are as follows 

Fun pink playdough using this link as a guide, starting with pink and maybe doing a few other colors . 

 Since in our family reading is at the top of our fun we plan on reading some Valentines books. Our book list is not at big as years in the past but we still found some some favorites.

We will be reading
Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown
Day It Rained Hearts a new book we bought the kids this year
The Story of St. Valentine: More Than Cards and Candied Hearts 

To finish the day we will make our finger paint tree's with hearts, and have a card exchange between our family.

The girls work on homemade cards for each other weeks before our party. It's fun to watch them get so involved in making one another happy.

Here is a cute idea that I found on pinterest for a homemade card  yes paint and glitter will be needed, but it looks so easy! 

We will have snacks of course since sweets are needed on this day. 
We will be  making our Edible Candy necklacesSparkled Pink and Red Marshmallows, little sandwiches in the shape of hearts with chips on the side, and some kind of tea or pink drink.

Our evening plans will be set aside for my husband and I, after the kids are all in bed.

This year we will be having dinner at home in bed and not going out, since I cook better anyway:)  I will be adding candles to light the room, and playing some romantic fun games.

For our dessert menu I may make this Raw Seduction Chocolate PuddingHealthy Fudge Truffles and Strawberries and Kiwis on the side.

A day of sharing our love with one another, a perfect way to start off the season of Lent.

 What will you be doing this year?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Angels Fall Down... A Video to Share

A Video my husband wanted me to share and document in our blog. This video brought chills to my whole body!

Be My Valentine ~ Week 3 - Kiss Your Way to a Better Marriage

Here we are in the third week, how did everyone do last week?  I feel I did pretty well, but I also could have worked harder in some areas.
This weeks Challenge will be short and sweet, the title says it all.

KISSING!!! No more peeking on the lips, this week lets give our husband's a kiss that will send a love message to them. When you kiss him good- bye or he brushes up against you to say hello after work, show him that your happy to have him home.

After a few years of marriage we all forget how that first kiss felt from our husbands on our wedding days!  It becomes all to easy to sometimes even forget to kiss our husbands on a daily bases. Shame on us for all being to busy for the man in our lives.

 “Her mouth speaks from that which fills her heart.” – Proverbs 6:45

This week lets make our husbands feel like the kings of the castle. Lets smile more, laugh more and kiss much, much more. Remember love comes from God, ask your father in heaven to help put the spark back into your marriage. Ask him to bring you closer.

Ideas to bring on that romantic kiss that is long over do
A body back rub
A shower together
A romantic night of just holding each other and talking

 The plan is to bring you together much more this week. Remember to KISS like you mean it!   


Monday, February 4, 2013

My Daybook Week 4: February 3, 2013

Outside my window...
we have fresh blanket of snow and it has warmed up a little, which makes me so happy. Since I really don't care for the very cold winter weather I am happy for the change in temperature.

I am thinking...
I need to spend more time thanking God for all my children. I can't help but think of all the children lost to Abortion. I am thinking about what type of Ministry work my husband I will do in the up coming years. I am thinking it will have something to do with children and lost souls who need Christ more than ever.

I am thankful...
that I belong to a pro life church.

In my kitchen...
we are hoping to  make heart Sugar Cookie Cut outs Gluten Free made from 123 Gluten Free Lindsay's Lipsmackin' Sugar Cookie Mix

I am wearing...
cozy warm sock pajama pants, a Turquoise sweatshirt and white socks

I am creating...
a list of Valentine ideas for the next 10 day. I have some really cute plans this year for our family since we don't have any little friends to exchange with. A friend of mine sent over a link to this really cute Edible Candy Necklace .  We are also making cards to exchange with each other and cards for family members. Thinking we may have a little party for the girls during the day since this year I think my hubby and I may be going out.

I am going...
to be getting ready for our monthly shopping trip which should be fun! I will be adding some things to our bug out bag and our shelter food and readiness area. I am also going to find a good gun range this week, I would like to really find a club or area range to practice.

I am reading...
Going Rogue: An American Life  and my Bible

I am looking forward...
to our couples night out with other couples from our church. This will be a 5 week class on love and respect in the marriage a date night for 5 consecutive Friday nights, I am so excited! Here is a little clip about what we will be watching

I am Learning..
that the Lord is with me in every situation no mater how bad it looks.
I am hearing...
all my kids talking and laughing, and I thank the Lord for giving me a heart to home school!
Around the house...
felt and Lent sewing projects, I can't believe Lent starts February 13th that feels so early!
I am praying...
for my husband this week, I am not sure about all of you but I need to pray for my husband more often.
One of my favorite things..
waking up next to my husband each morning I have missed this so much! At his last job he was gone and out the door most days before 3am. I would not trade these days as a family for anything!
Plans for the rest of the week...
  •  Monday Couples night out with friends
  • Tuesday List 20 things, answer emails, and work on Lent projects
  • Wednesday Bible Study
  • Thursday watch my daughters friend in Speech and Debate
  • Friday couples night with our church friends
  • Saturday Monthly shopping trip
  • The Sabbath fellowship and relaxing

A picture to share...

Sharing a bowl does not happen much so I had to take a picture