Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fun dates to remember in February

February has some fun dates to remember
There seems to be a day for everything. I just love to add these little fun days to our school days. There is always something new to learn, and on somedays fun food to eat. 

February 3- National Carrot Day
Have carrots today with your meals

February 4- Charles Lindbergh's Birthday
Gumby's Birthday
Snickers Candy bars 1st bar for sale

February 6- Babe Ruth's Birthday 
Ronald Reagans Birthday
National Frozen Yogurt Day

February 7- Superbowl XLIV
Charles Dickens Birthday
National Alfredo Day
John Deere's Birthday

February 8- Jules Verne's Birthday
February 9- Hershey's Chocolate Founded
February 10- Umbrella Day
February 11- Thomas Edison's Birthday
February 12- Abraham Lincoln's Birthday
The Winter Olympics starts
February 13- Penicillin 1st used on humans
February 14- Saint Valentine's Day

February 15- National Gumdrop Day
Galileo Galilee’s Birthday
Susan B Anthony's Birthday

February 18- Pluto was discovered
February 19- Presidents Day

February 20- Mardi Gras
National Cherry Pie Day

February 22- Geroge Washington's Birthday
February 23- National Banana Bread Day
Dog Bisquit Day

February 25- Hen laid the largest egg
February 26- Grand Canyon declared a National Park
National Pistachio Day

Have fun in February with your children I know we will.

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