Sunday, March 7, 2010

A day of learning for Mom

I woke up upset about everything and nothing seemed to be going right. I had myself a little pity party and I invited my whole house at least I thought I was going to.

 Now I know better and I know what to do when these days happen just go back to bed and try again. Instead today I decided to try it another way and that was to beat the Devil at this game I was going to win. I did everything I could to put myself in a happy place and it worked well it worked great for the first try. I read my new Above Rubies Magazine, Snuggled with my girls, watched a movie with my family, took a walk with my kids and read the bible with my oldest daughters. Then I felt bad that I felt angry upon waking up and decided that I needed to work on this much more. I had the kind of day today I wish I could just forget.

Next time you wake up and just feel that the world is out to get you Pray, Pray, Pray. That's my new way I will just laugh at the devil and say not today and put the best smile I can on my face.


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