Monday, April 18, 2011

Where's My Pencil Mom

I love to hear the words" mom where's my pencil." You would think since we home school and our supplies stay in our home we would not have this problem. We seem to lose pencils at a fast rate around our home.
So each day before we put away are books we make sure we have everything ready for the next day.  
If we don't get everything ready I know I will hear the same words all over again. "mom where's my pencil."

These are the little things I will miss when you girls are grown. Now it seems crazy but it is for a season and I would not trade this for anything.


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chili pepper said...

This must be a common home school phenomenon. Each child has a pencil box with all their supplies: pencils, sharpener, erasers, glue stick, scissor etc... plus there are TWO cups on our school table stocked with the same... just in case and still, we are constantly looking for supplies... go figure.