Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Wonderful Brand of Yogurt

Stonyfield is giving away a $1.00 coupon to 2000 people. Just watch the clip (it's really funny my girls loved it) and let them know what you think.

We love Stonyfield and coupons so this is a great deal to us. I hope all of you are doing well :)

Here is the link Stonyfield $1.00 off coupon it is for a 32oz yogurt.

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chili pepper said...

We, meaning my kids... I can't stand it, love yogurt. Last year I invested in a yogurt maker and found I can make it for so far less than the organic brands I used to purchase. In just two weeks my yogurt maker had already paid for itself. And it is so easy to make... it is our 8 year old son's job to make it twice a week. Since we go through so much, invested in the extra ring so we can make 2 quarts at a time which comes out to 16 jars. I bought the cuisinart maker, with extra ring and extra jars on Amazon. For milk I use the whole cream on top organic from our local dairy. That runs $3.75 for 2 quarts. That's 16 jars of yogurt for $3.75 verses $1.25 a container for yogurt. Some serious savings. Some of the kids eat it plain. Others like to flavor it with our local honey and some like to flavor it with our homemade jam. We all, even me, love it in smoothies in place of milk or juice. Our youngest daughter is prone to yeast infections. If she has her yogurt every day, no problem. If she misses a few days, they flair right back up. Good medicine, in my book.

Oh, I should also tell you that we make ours with the powder milk option which makes it very thick like Greek yogurt. If you like it thick but don't want to use the powdered milk, you can strain it through cheese cloth... but that takes so long... I'd rather go for the dry milk.

I will warn you, your family will never eat the store bought yogurt again, even Stoneyfield farms, once you give them a taste of this!