Saturday, October 29, 2011

77/365 - 88/365

Okay I am so behind it is not even funny! So I am loading up about 100+ pictures tonight. Why because I need to I want to make sure this year is marked on my blog, since I have had writers block for the past 5 months. So here it goes, next year someone keep me on track.

77/365 Blocks just to stack up and knock down

78/365 Blueberry Pancakes for Breakfast

79/365 St Patricks Day

80/365 Kisses from Daddy just the best

81/365 Otto our new German Sheppard Puppy sleeping away.

82/365 Girls learning how to cut strawberries

83/365 Fun with magnets

84/365 Otto loves his carrots

85/365 Elsa and Otto eating (Otto's head is so small at this point).

1 comment:

chili pepper said...

Good for you. I got behind with vacation and have been trying to catch up by doing 10 days at a time. We leave for another 3 weeks on Friday and then the holidays will be here.

We love those peek-a-blocks. I think that your little one is wearing the same orange polka dot shirt my Winnie has.

Keep at it, you will reach your goal.