Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Celebrating Nicholas of Myra in a Reformed family

Yes we are reformed family! I still love many of our families Catholic traditions and I still love many things about the Catholic faith. We don't agree with many things the Catholic Church teaches, so my husband calls us reformed. I don't really need a Christian title to live by, Christ did not carry a faith title around him and neither do I.  Christ will save us from hell but only Christ, nothing you do here on earth will stop you from going to hell except following and excepting Jesus Christ as your savior. This is Reformed thinking, so I guess if I had to give myself a faith title which I hate I would lean more towards Reformed.

I was asked by a friend why I teach my family about Saints and do we pray to them.
Well the answer is no we don't pray to them ever! We pray to the one and only Jesus Christ and our father in heaven.
Patron saints are people who lived a life which is a worthy example of how to faithfully follow Jesus Christ.
In our family we don't ask Patron saints to intercede on our behalf and we never call upon them.
We do how ever want are girls to know about history, and we want them to know that they are not alone when it comes to fighting for Christ. Many great men and women have lived and died to fight for what is right.
So, today we remember Nicholas of Myra for all the wonderful things they say he did while he was alive. On earth he could have been a  saint for Christ just like us who follow and live for Christ. Did God make him a special saint in heaven I don't know; only the creator knows that. Some say most of the stories are true about Nicholas, others say they are made up.
We know he was a Bishop of Myra in the fourth century, and the Legends are many. Legend or not his stories show us many wonderful things that we can do as Christians.
We teach our family to give to others first, to help the poor the ones with less than we do. We want our girls to spread the love of Christ to all who will hear it.
Nicholas of Mayra we are told did just that.

We have kept the traditions that my husband grew up with. We leave our boots out on the night of December 5th for Nicholas, which mommy and daddy fill. We replace the boots/shoes with new slippers, books, candy, fruit and Chocolate coins.
We watch the movies on Nicholas and have yummy treats.
It's funny because we are a Reformed Christ centered family, and we still have Catholic traditions. Loved and well worth traditions for our family.


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