Friday, March 29, 2013

Holy Week...

Well if you have not noticed I gave up blogging during Lent. It was something I needed to do for myself and my family. I feel like I am so far behind with pictures and news, that's okay it will happen.

I thought I would check in one last time before Easter, after Easter I will be back on blogging like normal.

Holy Week is here and it will be a time of reading and praying with my family. If I could just sit in silence all this week in prayer I would, I know I can't but in my heart I feel I need to.

We will spend time in church Good Friday and then Church on Easter; I hope many of you can do the same. I really need to keep this time with the Lord as much as I can, so this will be kept short.

Today on Good Friday we Remember Matthew 27, and since I am not blogging till after Easter I am leaving a link to a blog I feel explains today and Easter very well.

Please check over at Women Living Well; she really did a great job this year.

May you and your family have a very safe and blessed



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