Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thanksgiving 2013...

I realize how far behind I am this year with the lack of pictures taken and blogging done. I hope to change that this year since we are now settled into our new store.

Thanksgiving was super fun and I was super tired once I sat down at 5:30 that night to eat. Here once again are some pictures from our feast with our Roast Beast (Turkey). 

Hannah Making a Turkey Hand

Turkey Hands

Thomas making a turkey hand
He was not into this at all at first

A few Appetizers, nice and simple
Organic Summer Sausage and cheese, Mix of Olives,
Crackers and 2 different fig and hummus spreads.
To drink Ginger and apple cider
Last Apple and Carmel dip
For dinner we had Organic Local Turkey, Organic Sweet Potatoes with gluten free Marshmallows (my kids insisted, I prefer them without). Home made Green Bean Casserole (no fake stuff from a can in this dish), Latkes (It was Hanukkah so we added some fun Jewish sides). Homemade Stuffing, Homemade Applesauce,
Two different Homemade Cranberry Sauces, and Challah bread ( a Jewish breaded bread).
For dessert we had fresh pumpkin Pie. Everything was yummy and very peaceful, a day to remember.

We used our Turkey Hands for placemats

A table for the younger kids, because they asked


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