Monday, October 12, 2009

My Daybook October12th

For Monday October 12th

Outside my window...... it looks cold and sunny. It feels like winter very cold today.  This year it feels like winter is coming to fast and I am sad about that.  I really hate driving in the snow to get anywhere.

I am much I have planned and how I hope it all gets done. I am also thinking that I wish everyday my husband could be home with us.  How I long to have another baby but this month the Lord has said no and it makes me sad.

I am thankful... for the love I have for the Lord I love the Lord he gets me though everything and I have such a great relationship with him I could just talk to him all day long. I am thankful for my 6 little girls I can't even imagine a day without them they just make life wonderful.

From my kitchen... Minestrone soup what a great meal for a cold night. 

From our school room... we have a lot of fun things planned this week.  The older girls will continue working on their studies but we have added some new things.  We have decided to make a scrapbook of our History timeline Starting with Creation. I will be posting on that as we finish each page.

The younger girls finished D week with making dounts what a treat that was!!!

I am creating.... A list of Christmas gifts for my children.  Family has already started asking so I
need to finish these lists. Christmas is so close:)

I am reading.... One of my favorite magazines Above Rubies.  You can get a free copy and much more at Above Rubies.

I am going to start... writing in a prayer journal with all of my prayers.  I belive we pary for things , God answers our prayers but we never remember that we indeed asked for the very thing God has given us.  I am also going to start on my book I have wanted to write for some time.

I am wearing....My pajamas it is just one of those days again. 

I am hoping...that my husband has his prayers answered.  That he finds peace in the choice he needs to make for our family. That he knows we love him and stand behind him in everything.

Around the house...I need to dig out my Scrapbook stuff it is still in boxes from or move this summer.

One of my favorite things...Organic Lollipops in the past I bought these from Whole foods and I think Costco sells them.  I buy as much Organic as my wallet can handle.  These Lollipops are just the best.  There called yummyearth.  I found out today that I can now buy them off the internet which is great.  I live 120 miles round trip now from Costco and Whole foods. 

Plans for the week...  Lots of school work, A fieldtrip on Monday, and School pictures on Friday.

A picture I would love to share.....This was taken from my top deck at our home.  We live on the Lake which is just wonderful.  All I can say is  what an awesome God!!!

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