Monday, October 5, 2009

My Daybook October 5th

Today October 5th 2009

Outside my window.... I see a little sunshine which we have not had very much in the last couple of weeks. I am also thinking that this fall weather we're having is so great for taking a walk in. I think I will do just that.

I am thinking... about all the school papers I have to grade. That I will just go and sit with my children and cuddle because they grow so fast.

I am thankful... That the Lord Jesus Christ is living in my heart. I am really able to talk to him and there is a deep loving relationship with him. I am thankful that my husband has decided to take over the bills because as the head of the house it should be this way and I like to spend to much:) I am also thankful for our library we find almost everything we need online and then have it sent to our library. I picked up 38 items this week!!!!

From my kitchen... Cherry crisp dessert that we made for C week calling my name. My oldest daughter cleaning the dishes and putting the dirty ones in the dishwasher. Madelyn sweet Madelyn can see me and is on her way over to me from the kitchen:)

From the school room...this week I will be going over the letter D with V and J as we continue down the Alphabet path. We took a couple of days off so we need to get back on track tomorrow. The older girls our doing great and still working on there daily assignment's. K is on to a new book Heidi and grace is still working on Homer Price they are loving it.

I am creating....a book list to keep in our library of everything we have read this year. Still working on my Christmas list and have already started putting everything together. I love this siteChristmas Site this has made the holidays so much simpler.

I am reading....Stories and Recipes of the Great Depression of the 1930's. I found this cookbook really more then a cookbook at carrvalley. They also have the best cheese around well worth the money.

I am going start reading through the bible in a year with my husband. I thought about waiting till January but why wait.

I am wearing... very warm pa jams form Carole hochman. These are so comfy and cute. They have all different kinds of socks all over them. My girls love it when I wear these it's like going to a sleep over as a kid. They just make you feel young and I could use some of that these days.

I am be on my blog more. I have so much to say and so much I want to share. I am also hoping to be blessed with a baby this month:)

I am hearing....the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Viking playing in the back round and my husband sleeping poor guy. Yes I am finishing this post after dinner things got a little crazy in our house tonight but that's just our life crazy and fun!!

Around the house...I am hoping to clean my office from all the paperwork I said I would get to but then did not. I am also hoping to get our family schedule done of chores so the family can stay on track and we know where we our going.

One of my favorite things...sleeping next to my husband at night.

A few plans this week.... getting back on track with school,

  • Monday- Nothing planned but watching he Packer game tonight and grading papers
  • Tuesday- Start our letter D week, make donuts, and RSVP to a party we were invited to.
  • Wednesday- lots of school work because daddy is off Thursday from work
  • Thursday- Hubby will be home today and we will be making more applesauce.
  • Friday- We have a field trip with one of our home school groups on a canoe and exploring the great outdoors.
A picture I would love to share....

Our girls at a resort near our home.  We stopped and had lunch as a treat YUMMMM!!

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