Friday, April 2, 2010

A little look at Holy week in our home 2010

Well this week went a little different than planned but then it normally does. My husband had this week off which I was so happy about lots of family time which I just love. We decided to go ahead and start on the kitchen work that was needed I know it is holy week but he does not get a week off till Oct when the baby is due. So this week was not all baking and cooking but sanding and painting our kitchen. You see our kitchen was in need of a little makeover on a small budget and my husband makes things happen. We stripped all the cabinets and refinished them along with painting the entire kitchen. The kitchen just looks amazing we still have work to do but so far it looks great. I was able to still make our pretzels for holy week and keep up on out Lent activities which I made a little more simple since we all are getting over a really bad cold all nine of us including our dog. My hubby and I also cleaned the entire house so it is ready for Easter which I never thought I would get done. I served our Lenten tea on Holy Thursday and today Good Friday which I will post about later. We made it to Good Friday Mass as a family today which I was so happy about. My daughter Katelin was a server during Mass today which just melts my heart she did a great job as always. I was also proud of my other girls I could not believe they all sat through the entire Mass seeing it was 1.5 hrs long. We had the normal dipper change or too the little ones always pick the best times. Well I just wanted to update a little on how are week has been going. I hope you all are having a wonderful Holy week.

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