Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our Family's First Good Shepherd's Garden Party

                           The Good Shepherd's Pasture Week 1

We had our Party a little late so daddy could be with us. We all had a great time and the food was so good.
We did things a little diffferent but it was just as good.
Here are a few pictures from our party.

Not so Mini Shepherd's Pie's

I used Large Souffle Cups instead of little cupcake holders.
So glad we did because they were so good.

This is after they came out of the oven.
Daddy has the larger one in the middle.
Mommy had leftovers from the little ones.
I decided to go out and buy 2 more cups so I could have my own next time:)

Yummy Shepherd's Crooks

Sheep in a Sheepfold

A little Garlic and Sea salt and this was such good popcorn.

Graham Cracker Gates

For some reason I did not get a picture of these.
These did turn out really cute. Oh and they tasted really good!

Ewe and Ram Cupcakes
This is were I did things just a little different.
I just was not up to making cupcakes and we already had so many sweets in the house.
I used little Debbie White cakes and put Large and small white marshmallows around the plate.
The girls loved it.

Lamb's Wool
We used our Spring/Summer Watermelon Server.

Very good !

Here are some pictures of our family all enjoying all of God's Blessing's

Everyone was very quite during dinner tonight.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures! Everything looks wonderful!

I too am going to have to invest in some Souffle Cups and make the Shepherd's Pies again in the not too distant future. My family loved them!

Oh, and your Watermelon Bowl is so cute!

Happy Easter!