Saturday, March 5, 2011

47/365 - 50/365

47/365 Our 12yr old mixer going in for repair

48/365 Our smaller red mixer that works

50/365 The start of a Macaroni Salad


chili pepper said...

Curious what happened to your kitchen aid? I have burned out two in 8 years! After the first one went, (no warranty... cheaper to buy a new one) I bought a professional model hoping to get more life out of it... not to be. It can't even knead a batch of dough any longer. I decided to give up on Kitchen aid, even though Consumer Reports still rates it number one, and look elsewhere. Unlike the old ones, they only guarantee these ones for a year! That's a huge investment for just one year of guaranteed working. A family of our size just needs more than it can give. Needless to say, our family has had to resort to eating a lot of store bought bread because I don't have enough hours in a day to keep up with the baking. We go through about 12 loaves a week and that is too much time to knead by hand.



Pamela said...

The Gears on our white mixer went out. The cost to repair it is $80.00. I used this mixer everyday for about 11 years so it worked well for us but not long enough. My husband says this is very common in mixers that are used a lot. He asked a lady at a bakery who had 5 going all at one time. He was told that they buy new mixers about every 3 years. I wish they were made to last a lifetime like my grandmas mixer.

12 loaves of bread a week would keep you busy for sure. I make 4-5 loaves a week by hand and I get such a workout in my tummy and arms that I hurt for a day after I'm done.