Thursday, September 1, 2011

A new school year

                                                                      2011-2012 School Year

Ready or not here is comes! A brand new school year!

This year we have 5 big girls in school, with 2 little ones playing at our feet. We are so excited to start a new year of learning together, in a small home full of love. 

We don’t start our school year in September like most do around our great Country. We start our school year the second week of October. We will take the month of September and the first week of October to enjoy the beautiful weather and one last family vacation.  

We school 4 days a week year round and take off September and the first week of October off. This gives us 895 hrs of work at 5 hrs a day and 179 days of school which is fantastic. We end up still having 13 free floating days for sick days and spare of the moment field trips.

We will be doing many unit studies as a family these are extra fun things that really bring us all together. We use these times to relax and break away from all the normal things like math and spellingJ

September we will be going over the Appalachian Trail as a family. We are off of school the month of September but the girls would like to do something, so this should be a fun family activity.  No grades just all for funJ

We will be reading lots of books listing to great music, watching a DVD or two and cooking lots of foodJ

Other family unit studies for the year will be a study on Ireland, A look at our State history, and life in the Great Depression.

To be continued…..


Mrs. Stam said...

How fun, this time of the year the weather is absolutely GORGEOUS! we love enjoying it too :-)

chili pepper said...

Sounds like you have a good plan. We, like you, don't start school until the second week of September. For one thing, I don't want to use Summer swim and gardening time to get ready for the next school year. But mostly we think the weather is too nice to be sitting in doors doing school through the early fall. And we always take our family vacation the second half of September and first week of October. We get better rates, less crowds and nicer weather. It is a win/win all around. My 16 year goes nuts every fall, though. Everyone else is starting back to school and she starts panicking because we aren't. And yet, she still made it to 11th grade!

Anyway, hadn't seen you around in a while. Good to know you are here.