Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oh, No!!!

I just found out today some very sad news. I was sent a email from Live Action please pray for our country more than ever. I don't normally write things like this on my blog, but I am so sad about this as I'm sure many of Americans are.

Here is the message I got sent to me today-

Today the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Patient Protection and
Affordable Care Act along with the bureaucratic mandate that promises
to fine or even jail employers, insurers and private citizens who act
on pro-life principles in the health care arena.

?Obamacare? ? an unconstitutional and unwarranted intrusion of
government into civil liberty, religious liberty, and the private
sector - jeopardizes the very existence of many businesses, charitable
organizations, religious communities, Catholic schools and hospitals.

The insurance mandate seeks to coerce individuals into financing and
facilitating procedures and drugs that violate their consciences and
take innocent human lives.

Live Action President Lila Rose expressed the determination of many to
continue to oppose the unjust legislation and never to comply with it,
even to the point of civil disobedience if necessary.

?Today?s Supreme Court ruling strikes at the heart of both Life and
Liberty. Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry expect to make a
killing off of Obamacare?s unconstitutional, socialized medicine
scheme. We will not comply with this mandate.?

She continued, ?Today, the Supreme Court has upheld nothing more than a
Ponzi scheme to expand the abortion business. If this legislation is
not overturned by the next administration, Obamacare?s socialist-style
diktats will be used, not to provide better or more affordable health
care, but to expand Planned Parenthood?s abortion empire across the
backs of American taxpayers and people of conscience ? and at the
expense of our religious freedoms.

?In light of today?s ruling, Americans will greet Independence Day with
prayer, sacrifice, and renewed energy to continue our opposition to
this mandate. We must also recommit ourselves to restoring full
constitutional protections of Life and Liberty to the most vulnerable
in our society: unborn children.?


Anonymous said...

This is just terrible!! :(

The Adams Family said...

I was jolted by the Supreme Court ruling....