Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Plans Part 2

Well since my last post something has happened in my life, a great blessing has been placed in our home.

I mentioned in another post that I had Compatible with complete placenta previa something that I have been very scared about for the past 50 days.

We had an ultrasound done this past Thursday and got some great news. My Midwife called to tell me I no longer have Placenta Previa and my Placenta is 4 cm / 2inches away my from cervix now. This means I am clear of everything I was told I could not do, and I can now have a normal delivery. I have one last Ultrasound in a month before the baby is born and we could not be happier.

So our summer plans have not changed much but they do include a little more running around now that I am feeling better.

We have had a great summer so far, I hope you and your family have as well.  It has been very hot so we are trying to find things to do outside that we can all handle as a family:)

Here is what the rest of our plans look like for summer (at least the next couple of weeks), things could change if mommy has a baby sooner than we think:) We do hope he stays put until at least the end of August but only God knows that.

June 18th - June 30th

Continue with Summer Bingo, Our bored activity cards (which has been great) Ticket to summer, and our library activities.

Finish up some school work that we have not finished.

I plan on making
Sacred heart tie-dyed t-shirts, we have never tie-dyed anything before and I thought these were cute.

My hubby is working on a simple scavenger hunt for the kids, with maybe a camp out in the back yard. My kids really want to camp out in the backyard, will have to see how many end up in the house before the sun comes up. We have never camped out as a family, we are more of a hotel room service family, at least we were. With 10 of us staying over night anywhere can cost a lot more since we have to stay in Condos/Houses at resorts. The Double Queen room just won't work anymore.

If the heat lets up a little my wonderful hubby will be taking a bike trip with the girls, our trails are so pretty where we live.

Bowling a lot since my family loves to bowl; our bowling lanes are offering 2 free games of bowling per day all summer!!

I will be continuing
My Proverbs 31 bible study which has been fantastic. I would encourage you to check out Women Living Well Ministries and see what you think.

I hope to finish up my
End- of -the year interviews with my girls; I am so behind on these.

Otherwise with all the summer games we really are keeping busy throughout the day.  We are still trying to keep activities simple and almost free:) It really is unreal how many things you can do as a family without breaking the bank. Here are few pictures I took; these things were all free to do!!

The girls loved playing in the water and washing their bikes.
We thought them they need to take care of everything we have including items that sit in the garage.

Daddy practicing with his Bow

Nice shooting!!

The girls were asked to go outside and write a little about what they see in the backyard.
What things can they find around the trees, and what do the animals do during the day.

Just a few pictures of the Parade, it happened to rain 30 minutes before the parade started.
It stopped raining just in time:)

Our littlest girl loves animals; at the fair in our town she was able to pet some little goats.

She was so happy

Did I say we love books, well in my home books are everywhere and I love it, even CJ who’s only 21 months enjoys looking at the books. We have been doing a lot of reading as a family and on our own time. 

July 1st - July 31st summer plans coming soon....

Keep Enjoying your summer!!

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Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

How wonderful that the placenta moved - that must give you such a feeling of relief :)

The parade looks like it was wonderful - we are all about parades here!