Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The First Month With a New Baby and A full House

When you are expecting a baby you are so happy and excited, how could you not be the Lord blessed you with new life. Over the next 9 months or so you prepare your home and your family for the big day! But sometimes moms forget to prepare themselves ! This is important as the next 6 months after birth are long and sometimes tiring, but full of joy. So this is my list to myself that I would like to share with all of you. The top 10 things I forgot about while expecting a baby and the top 10 things I love about having a new baby.

1. I forgot that I should have gotten all the things on my to do list done before our baby arrived

2. I forgot that nursing babies take almost all of your day up and night as well:)

3. I forgot that I would have no time for me, and that the simple things of life would now become hard things to take care of.

4. I forgot that Showering would be something I need to do fast since the baby wakes up as soon as the water turns on.

5. I forgot that my other children would have to learn to do without mom most of the day, even though I am with them

6. I forgot that taking your vitamins, drinking water, and eating (yes eating)is really a important thing to do while nursing. I forget to do this all the time.

7. I forgot that sleeping is something you do when you’re expecting.

8. I forgot to take as much time as possible to cuddle with my hubby in bed since now I share a bed with our little one. I would say sleep very, very close to him every night if you can and enjoy this time!

9. I forgot that when you’re nursing you really are on a raw food diet, since cooking is almost a thing of the past. You eat as fast as you can the first month and try not to get heartburn,

10. Last thing I forgot was how I would feel when my husband finally did go back to work, I felt scared and I cried a lot because my list of things to do just became over whelming. With 8 kids and a husband that works 12-16 hour days, you must take care of almost everything yourself.

Okay now that I got all of that of my chest I would like to share the Top 10 things I love about having a new baby.

1. I love that the list of things I thought was important really turned out to be nothing but me things, things that really are way less important than my family. Even though I still have a long list I somehow find it less important now.

2. I love that it is me he wants! When my son is crying my daughters and husband always try to help, but sometimes it just doesn’t work. They pass him to me and the crying stops and all is well just by my touch he hears me and knows that mom is holding him. Now that is the best feeling ever!

3. I love that now I have a reason to sit and enjoy the simple things of life. All the easy things that need to be taken care of now I have let go. I have to just so no to the curling iron and yes to a nice ponytail.

4. Showering with your baby can really be such a joy, Thomas loves the water noise and daddy now gets to have some boding time with him. While I shower daddy plays with him in the bathroom which makes a nice time for one on one time with just the three of you.

5. What a joy to know that my wish to raise strong Christian, caring girls has come true. I get to watch and enjoy the fruit I have produced in our home. The girls don't always love the fact that they have to change diapers and maybe make eggs for the younger girls but they are learning. Having a new baby in our home is a blessing to all of us.

6. I love the feeling of just having a new life in my arms. That God has faith in me to help him build his kingdom; the best calling in the world is being a mom and saying yes to God!!

7. I love that I now get to fall asleep with my little prince, nursing makes you tired and your newborn tired so enjoy what God has given you. When you think about it God gives us lots of time to sleep since babies sleep a lot the first couple of months. We must remember to take the time and rest when we can.

8. I never have to sleep alone anymore when my husband leaves for work at 2am!! My favorite time of the day is when I get to climb in bed with my husband; I really don't like it when he's gone. With children you are never really alone! With a newborn who loves to sleep with mommy and get up with mommy at any hour of the night I am always have someone to talk to.

9. I love eating raw food so this really is not a bad thing for me. I just get to now nourish a new human life, he looks to me to keep him as healthy as I can and what a thrill that is. As a mom keeps herself healthy she also gets the reward of keeping her baby healthy.

10. Last thing I would like to say is even though I was scared that I was now alone with all these babies I knew at the end of the day it would be okay.

Pictures from Columbus Day 2011, this year we had Spanish Hot Chocolate and read lots of books!
                                           Not so many crafts this year and I forgot to take pictures. Instead of pictures I got to snuggle my little newborn which I loved more than crafts and picture taking:)
Columbus Day 2011


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