Monday, October 15, 2012

What to do with sick little ones...

When I started this post all my children were sick and I came up with something to do to help pass the time. Here is my post from went 1 week ago, time really goes by fast when you are nursing a newborn.

As I am sitting here I can hear my girls coughing it must be that time of year again. It never really fails the air gets cooler and the leaves start to fall and sure enough my home is full of sick little kids. So over the years I have found ways to keep everyone relaxed and warm, most young kids will keep going even though they should be in bed.

Here is my list of home remedies and ideas to keeping my little ones in bed when the flu is hitting our home.

First a nice cup of warm tea with honey and many forehead kisses from mom and dad. Put your tea in a Marvel cup or fancy cup like mom or dad and they feel all grown up and love it.

Mix 1/2 tsp of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with 1/2 tsp of honey and have them drink it down. This helps them to stop coughing without the use of over the counter meds that have things in it you really don't want.

Lots of Good homemade Chicken noodle soup!! Which I did not get to make this time since it is even hard to find time to eat these days.

Lots of Kleenex next to them and a small garbage bag on the floor. Along with hand wash if they are too sick to get up and wash their hands. We had Halloween Kleenex boxes something to cheer out little ones up. You can even let your kids decorate the Kleenex boxes for fun.

Lots of travel size games, and puzzles. If you have a laptop board this is great for puzzles, if you have a bed in breakfast tray this would work to.

The Bible, yes my older girls have started to really love the early mornings were they get to study Gods word without little ones running all over. The Bible has so many great stories and so much wisdom; it really should be something we read more often than most of us do.

 In our house books we read include animals, legos, horses, Marvel characters, and for my teen a Twilight Novel or a book on breeding and raising German Sheppard’s.

Books on cd they can listen to or follow along to, these are great all the time.

Maybe some school work, if they are anything like my kids they will pass on this:)

Coloring books, crossword puzzles, sticker books, and lots of fun colors to go along with them

Painting by number kits, you can find many great ones at a local craft store (we use Jo Anne fabrics)

Movie Marathons- in our house Star Wars and Marvel movies are at the top. We really do have 7 girls!! We are a movie family, my husband and I love to watch movies together always have, and now my children love to do the same.

 We always have snacks to go along with the movies if they can handle food, and a bottle of water of juice to keep fluids in.

Work on Christmas gifts or any gifts that are to be done by hand at home

Snuggle with puppies (we happen to have 3 little puppies 5 weeks old in our home right now)

Work on Lego kits, we have kits that our girls love working on (All Star Wars)

If they are up and have energy but are still too sick to go out we have done the following.

Help mom with grocery lists, and grading papers (these can be done at the table relaxing with a nice warm blanket)

Write letters to family and friends they have not seen in sometime

Start a new craft project or maybe learn a new skill maybe using the sewing machine, or working with dad on something.

Sit outside in the warm sun and have lunch, maybe bring an activity to do since by now you may need some fresh air.

Write in your journal

The list is endless really, the best thing you can do at the very top of the list is Love your children!

Claudia and Daddy

Thomas 3 weeks olds

Can you tell they are Sister and Brother?
I thought it was amazing how much they looked alike

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