Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Daybook******September 22nd

My Daybook September 22, 2009

Outside my window... It looks like a fall day today. It is raining outside so are little ones will have to run in circles around me this afternoon. I am looking at all the hard work my hubby and I did this weekend in the yard. We cut back all are plants and flowers and pulled way to many weeds. We put some pumpkins and hay outside our house and started to decorate for fall.

I am thinking... about how many papers I have to grade. How I love being a mom and hope the Lord blesses us with more children. I am thinking about how I am now 32 and I feel 22 where did the years go.

I am Thankful... For my mom for today is her birthday! Happy 60th birthday mom!

From the kitchen... I am making Breakfast for dinner my children are so happy. We will have Oatmeal pancakes with blueberries and strawberries. Oh my children also asked for sausage and whip cream plus syrup. My children are in heaven.

From the school room.. This week we will be going over the Fall in the Garden with the girls in Bible and History class. Mommy has been a little under the weather these past 2 weeks so we are taking things slow. Victoria and Juliana are going down the Alphabet path and are on letter B ( Bees and birds seem to be the topic this week). We have bees everywhere on both sides of the house so this was perfect.

I am wearing...a grey pair of Capri's and a green top. My girls are asking me why I am not in a skirt.

I am creating...a new website for our family business. I am also working on all my ideas for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I am reading...Be fruitful & Multiply by Nancy Campbell. I am also reading many books to my children Everyday we read Proverbs so we will cover Proverbs 21- 27 this week. This week we will finish are bee month so lots of Apple and Bee books in the next couple of days.

I am going...to stop thinking about when we will be blessed with another baby and leave it up to God like I should. As a family we are going Apple picking I will post more on that later.

I am hoping...to put out my fall decorations today here is are first piece it sits on are dining room table as seen above.

I am hearing...my little ones playing outside and feeling so blessed to have the room outside for my children to run and play.

Around the house...it is feeling like fall more and more each day.

One of my favorite things...applesauce in the fall and watching my husband do all the canning. He loves to do it and we love to eat it. We will make enough applesauce and apple pie filling for the whole year.

A few plans for the rest of the week... it should be a relaxing week.
  • Monday- We will be going apple picking at Maple Hill Orchard.
  • Tuesday- My moms 60th Birthday
  • Wednesday- Victoria Juliana and I will work on blueberry desserts for the finish of blueberry week.
  • Thursday- Just a normal day at home
  • Friday - Field trip to a friends farm for music and fun. Oh we will also be making apple cider.
  • Saturday- I had to add we will be going to the cranfest this year I can't wait.

I shared a picture at the top since I can not figure yet hoe to post them at the bottom:).

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