Monday, September 28, 2009

My Daybook September 28th

Outside my Window..... it is really cloudy and very cold we will reach only 57 degrees today. I am also watching my dog go nuts over another dog. Elsa really does not like other dogs at her house. It is also raining outside perfect Fall day in Wisconsin.

I am thinking.... How much I need to get done for school this week.

I am thankful... For the Constitution and the right to home school today. My girls are able to take Mondays off of school each week when daddy has off. If in school this could not happen.

From my kitchen.... Well not much going on in that room today we spent the day out as a family. I am however thinking about where we will put our half of cow when we receive it next month. Oh and I need to make our lunch menu, dinner and snack menu for the week.

From the School room...Juliana and Victoria will be working on the letter C this week and be making lots of foods starting with the letter C. We will also be going over Fire safety week in our home with fire drills and escape plans. We will also be doing a Fire safety lap book that we saw over at Jessica's. Thanks for the great idea's Jessica we love your blog. We will do the fire safety week as a family so all the girls will work together on this. Katelin and Grace are in there 3rd week of school now and having a blast time is just going by so fast. Grace finished her first book Charlotte's Web and on to Homer Price, Katelin will finish Swiss Family Robinson this week and Go onto Hedi.

I am creating..... Halloween costumes this week!! I am continuing all my plans for the holidays so I am ready to go and not coming up with things at the last minute.

I am reading... Many books to my children as always I love that I can do this. I am reading a new book called You've Got to Be Kidding! Real-life Parenting Advise from a Mom and Dad of Nineteen. I bought this book from Quiverfull digest

I am finish working on my website. I would also like to get a little more organized this week with my lesson plans I am kind of behind. I am also going to finish putting up my fall/Halloween decor.

I am wearing...Blue pants with a pink merino wool sweater from Ireland pink and white diamond socks. I really need to wear skirts more often then I am lately.

I am hearing...My family playing and eating in the other room we just got home from a day out and we all need to just sit and relax now.

Around the is peaceful as I listen to my kids get ready for the evening.

One of my favorite spending time with my family. I really love when my dh is home If I could have him home everyday I would.

A few plans for this week...
Monday- Take a drive through some really pretty country with my family and stop and get lunch. We might do some shopping also.

Tuesday- I hope to have a good start to the week as we. We will also learn about Michaelmas.
Wednesday- Feast of St. Jerome and we will also remember Michael, Gabriel and Raphael Angels—messengers from God.
Thursday- Feast of St. Therese (It is also celebrated on Oct 3rd on the Traditional Calendar. We will have a great day with lot of plans thanks to Jessica over at Jessica's.

Friday- We will go out for Fish Fry now that fall has hit. I think of this as a fall and winter tradition.
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