Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our baby story

Little Baby Claudia Joy is here with us now and is just perfect. Claudia Joy is our 7th daughter and 8th child what a blessing from God. 7 daughters in our tiny home I can't believe how lucky we are all beautiful and healthy. I always wonder if our 6th baby who is up in Heaven would have been a girl only God knows but we hope to see he/her someday.

Well I didn't have a fast labor but it was perfect and I can't complain. I went in on Sept 29th and was induced at 11am after trying all the natural ways to bring on contractions. You see we have big healthy babies all over 9lbs and some over 10lbs, so we don’t wait much past our due dates. So 11hrs of labor and 30 minutes of pushing and our little girl was in our arms. I was tired but ready to hold our baby. Claudia Joy was born at 11:53pm and she weighed 9lbs 12oz she had kept up with her big sisters being big and healthy. So yes I have been gone awhile but I think I had very good reason to not be blogging.

Welcome to the world baby Claudia Joy!



LittleBlessingsFarm said...

congrats and enjoy your babymoon!

Pamela said...

Thnak you so much!