Thursday, November 18, 2010

Organic food and local goods Please!

 The answer is yes you will spend a little more on Organic food and local food  but thats okay with me and it should be okay with you. 

 There is so much talk about saving money these days and for good reason. We are a family of 9 well 10 including our dog. We buy as much Organic as we can and we never seem to use coupons. Well most would look at me and say how can you save if you are not clipping and buying cheaper food.

I just don't get it we have people saving money on food by buying really cheap food filled with junk. In the end you are losing your health and filling your body with food that is harming you. Now not all non Organic food is bad but read the labels before you buy.

 As Americans are Priorities are really all messed up. We rather spend our money on  things we simply do not need. Things that will put us into debt and put stress into our lives.

If you are not in debt and just love to save and have a non stressfull life why would you risk your health on bad food to save a little more.

When you buy local you help are farmers and you are buying your food super fresh.

Choose to be  healthy and buy the best food you can which means local and Organic goods. Your children will thank you and you will thank yourself  in the end.  

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