Monday, December 28, 2009

Just plan sick but Happy

Okay for the past couple days I have been sick with the stomach bug what a horrible feeling. All I want to do is just go to bed and sleep. I do have children so this is just not going to happen. Today I took my girls to see 2 movies at our Library, returned a toy to a store in town, went to the post office for my father, took my girls to lunch and went to the store for buttermilk so we could have pancakes in the morning. You know what; even though I was feeling sick I loved it and felt great seeing my girls smile away. Amazing what a mother will do for her children. I figure there will be a day when I can just baby myself and sit in bed but I hope not for a very long time. Some think I am weird for having so many children I think I am blessed and pray the Lord will bless us with more. So now my house is quite just the baby is up nursing I can sip my hot tea and type my blog and just wait for this little bug in my tummy to leave and pray by morning it’s gone. Being a mother is a fulltime job a 24hr job that I am so glad to have.

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