Tuesday, December 8, 2009

St Nicholas. 2009

I just love all the feast days during Christmas. It is so nice to understand the meaning behind St. Nicholas. I had never any idea that he was a real man. I find that so sad that most people do not realize that St. Nicholas was a great Bishop he was real. I grew up thinking Santa was from the North Pole and then as I got older thinking he was just made up for kids. I never knew there was a Feast day or a real man that once lived and did wonderful things. We have learned so much since we have joined the church.

My girls understand who St. Nicholas is now and love the man who once lived for Christ like all the other Saints. This year was extra special since his Feast day fell on Sunday the second week of Advent. St. Nicholas comes on the night of December 5th and fills our girls stocking. He takes there list and leave goodies for the girls. I know that shoes are normal to leave out but my husband grew up leaving his stocking out for St. Nicholas.

The girls this year received new books, 2 new movies, lots of candy and other cute stocking goodies.

Katelin received One Winter's Night  

Grace received Pascual and the Kitchen Angels  by Tomie DePaola

Victoria received Angela And The Baby Jesus

Juliana received Christmas in the Barn

Hannah received A Christmas Star called Hannah

The girls also got 2 new movies Veggie Tales St. Nicholas A story of Joyful Giving and NIght at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian

We had a table set for a party with Raisin Cinnamon French toast, sausage, St. Nicholas hot Chocolate, Polish Gingers cookies in the shape of hearts. We covered our French toast with cherry compote which was crasins, Tart cherries, and pie filling cherries.

Our St. Nicholas Table

Finally Brunch we were all so hungry after Mass

What did you do to celebrate?

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