Saturday, December 5, 2009

Our first week of Advent

The First week of Advent we our going to read the following books and will make the following cookies. We our learning about Germany and Poland this week and Ireland since My children and myself are Irish.

When it Snowed thatNight


Gingerbread Baby- we will read this on Thursday and make Gingerbread hearts a Polish cookie to leave for St. Nicholas. We have the sweetest little gingerbread man to go with our book.

Country Angel Christmas as we prepare for St. Nicholas

Gingerbread Friends

B is for Bethlehem A favorite of my little Hannah we started reading this everyday for a couple weeks now

The little Match Girl We hope this comes in from the library this week. If this book does not get here in time we will read it when it does. This is such a great story.

Silent Night

The Mitten this is a Ukrainian folktale and I just love Brett, Jan what a great author

An Irish Christmas a Galway Christmas a musical celebration we will watch this on Friday night

Our Cookie and meal list for the first week of Advent

Coconut balls dipped in chocolate were made on Sunday

We will be making Pfeffernuesse a German favorite of ours on Monday

December 3rd we remember St Francis Xavier. In our home we will have Spanish meatballs and Spanish rice with Flan for dessert. No cookies will be made this day.

Dec 4th we will go German and have a German dinner with Gluehwein. We will make Turkey with Sauerkraut and have German Dark and sourdough Bread.

Dec 5th we will make Gingerbread cookies, Almond Crescents, and more pfeffernuesse. The gingerbread cookies will be made into the shape of a heart a Polish tradition and Gingerbread is also much known in Germany. We will leave these out for St. Nicholas.

We will have a polish meal on Dec 5th with Pirogues, cucumber salad, and kielbasa sausage.

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