Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Simple Womens Daybook ~ February 3rd

Outside my window... I, am seeing snow blowers going from the new snow we recived yesterday. We now have 15 inches more to play in. Hannah loves to eat the snow, like I am sure most kids do.  I think at least two of my daughters ate snow the whole two hours they were outside. We had a few more trips to the bathroom last night.

I am thinking... about a big decision we have to make in the next 2 weeks. We will either move to Texas for a new job making better money, or stay where we are.

I am thankful...for my blankets, sounds silly I know but when it is -4, and you are up at 4am praying and typing my blanket is now my best buddy.

From the learning room...  As a family we learned about Groundhog Day, love, friendships, and the Amazon. We also started a new subject this week Sewing, please pray for me I am so clueless on how to sew. We bought this new DVD to help us along. I cannot say enough about this video.

From the kitchen... Our family menu is being made for the rest of the month, this month my oldest daughter will join in and help. She has been waiting to do this for some time.

I am wearing... this cozy phi’s in pink, with another one of my favorite sweaters this time it is a light pink merino wool sweater  so warm and cozy.

I am creating... a menu for Valentine’s Day, and a moving plan I think.

I am praying... for my husband as he tries to make a decision about moving out of state. He has a great job offer making much more than we do here, and within the same company. So really it would be a job transfer from one state to another. I pray the Lord gives him the wisdom and strength to choose the correct path.

I am hoping... to finish this post before next week’s post.

I am hearing... my husband teach my girls, and control the house this morning. My girls are just in love with the fact that daddy is home again. The little girls are playing in the living room with their Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm, and daddy's truck from work.

Around the house... I am looking out my window and wondering where all our birds went. I love to watch them during the day.  I am looking at all the hearts around our house; the love that is flowing through my children is a wonderful sight.

One of my favorite things...Knudsen Organic Prune Juice ( 12x32 OZ) , my friend for the past couple weeks.

A few plans for the rest of the week...
  • Do monthly grocery shopping.
  • Visit our pastor for coffee and talk.
  • Make a couple of dishes for our monthly potluck fellowship meal at church.
  • Visit with grandma this week

A picture to share...
                                                 We had a full week playing with puzzles.

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Cora from Hidden Riches said...

A beautiful daybook entry, my friend! I felt as thought I had stopped in your home and found, peace, order and harmony!!!!! I will be praying that you find peace concerning your move.