Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What am I Passionate About?

There are many things I love; and many things I am very passionate about. My list may look different from the average women living in America today. Our beliefs are normally frowned upon, but we receive many complements which lifts my heart up.  I try to remember that if people don’t agree with me that’s okay, the way we live our life is not very desirable to most.  We try our best to live our life for our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, not for others. We are not even close to being perfect but we try our best to live by the word of God.
I never thought about making a list of these things but I want my girls to know my goals, that I have goals and dreams, even as a wife and mother. You can be passionate about things. I want my girls to be passionate about things in their life, to have dreams and goals. I am in fact there female role model, they watch and listen to everything I do and don’t do.  I am still in the process of writing my list, this may take some time. I wanted to list the top 5 things I am deeply passionate about and in this order.

    1. The Word of God, following his laws even when it looks impossible. Through him all things are possible, I could not do anything else on my list without him leading the way, and I allow Christ to take complete control over my life. Our ways are never good without his Grace, and his blessing. I would also have to add my prayer life, I am passionate about my personal relationship with the maker of Heaven and Earth, and his son Jesus Christ.

     The second is simple, my husband. I am deeply passionate about my husband. He is the one the Lord has given me, the one chosen by the Lord to be the father of my children. He is my life, best friend, provider and pastor. He is my lover and comfort in good time and in the bad time. He is a man of God, a man full of sin and cleansed by the Lord Jesus Christ. My list about my husband could go on forever. I thank the Lord for him, and feel just horrible when I am not acting like his help meet, but I too am full of sin and cleansed by the Lords Jesus Christ.

My Children. On loan from my heavenly father, I pray my children find there salvation and love in Jesus Christ. I am so passionate about having children; this was not always easy for me. I did not always let the Lord have control over my womb. It scared me to think I could have 20 children, and now I pray for 20 children.  

       Health is the next on my list; I live my life making sure my family is eating well. I believe it is my job as a wife, and mother to make sure my husband and children are getting the best nutrition possible. I pray for a long life with my husband, I pray for my girl’s health and the health of their Ovaries. Funny thing to pray about ovaries but I hope my girls can experience the joy of children.  I was watching Training Dominion Oriented Daughters a wonderful dvd by Geoff Botkin, and he said he prayed over his daughters ovaries when they were born. What a wonderful idea, my husband and I have been doing this now with each baby.

      Organic food and All- natural food. Food without chemicals of any kind. Yes I know as a mommy you are very busy, but keep this towards the top of the list. I started a new blog Living Healthier with a large family a blog to just talk about health and Organics. Please visit, I will be adding most of our recipes, and health ideas on  that blog.



Mrs. Stam said...

LOVE this and I think my list is very similar to yours :-)

Gardenia said...

what beautiful photos, and a lovely post. what would we do without our faith?

chili pepper said...

Your list could be my list. We have a lot in common, indeed. It is almost guaranteed if you are living for the Lord you will have many enemies. Sometimes it is very painful but if we can stay posted on the rewards associated with staying true to Him and His word, it sure makes it a lot less so.