Monday, November 7, 2011


100/365 A daddy Sandwich (we all shared, not even daddy could finish this monster).

 101/365 CJ not feeling so well.

102/365 A great cooking wine for Italian dishes. YUMMMY!

103/365 CJ starting to sit on her own.

104/365 A small plate of mom's Pasta which was made with a great red wine:)

106/365 A little grocery trip.

107/365 Little CJ not feeling so well today:(  With little teeth coming in it causes so much pain.

108/365 My oldest in a very good mood!

109/365 My daughters are very creative; they can have fun with just about anything. Gold fish cards, fisher Price toys and crayons. I love home schooling!

110/365 Banana Pancakes.

111/365 Baby girl all swaddled with mommy.

112/365 There are many uses for Laundry baskets. I think I like this better:)

113/365 A Lenten Lunch on Good Friday.

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