Friday, November 18, 2011

Our Family Menu on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is next week I just can’t believe it, where did November go. Thanksgiving means lots of cooking for me and my family. My husband and my girls all cook together and it is such a blast for us to all be together cooking as a family. So we finished our last day of school today, and we will take off all of next week to enjoy family time, crafts, and get ready for the start of Advent/Christmas season. Each year is a little different in our home when it comes to this big feast day. I always cook or should I say we always cook, and we normally will not have any company since our family in either direction is over 2hrs away.

We have done so many different things over the years depending on what season of life were in. We have built so many memories with our children by making this day a family feast and day of thanks. We have gone out for wonderful buffets which are always a hit, and we have had many years of the traditional Thanksgiving, with prayer and Thanks around our family table.

So, this year we are trying something new in our home. Still keeping our thoughts and prayers on our great nation but also adding some of my husband’s heritage to our day. We will be cooking an American/Polish Thanksgiving. We will be reading some new books, and trying some new food and I can't wait.

Here I have a little of what our day will look like with food:) Did I say yet that I LOVE to cook and love food, Well I do I love both!

 I will start cooking much of our sides and desserts early next week. Baking will be done on Wed and then off to Church service. Thanksgiving Day I am up at 3am for setting up our home and dressing our turkey and hens. I normally get up at 5am for mommy time so this is not much different.

Thanksgiving Day Menu 2011

Bagels and Cream Cheese ~ for breakfast- 7am

Vegetable tray ~ This is just for snacking on- This includes Peppers, cauliflower, broccolii, carrots, pickles, and olives. I will also be making a Ranch dip homemade.

Dinner will be at 1pm nice and early, we must rest up for Black Friday :)

To start our meal we will have a Pumpkin soup

Main dishes

Turkey ~ will be our main dish for dinner which is very popular in Eastern Europe and America.
I was thinking of adding a few Hens to our meal this year. I think the girls will love it, and this would be our first year having them.


Kielbasa stuffing ~ This stuffing is made with real Kielbasa sausage
(Not your local large store bought kind from the factory), Rye and Pumpernickel breads, onions, Apples, carrots and celery.

Kasha with Mandarin Oranges and Raisins

Brukiew z Ziemniak ~This is a Rutabaga Mash (a small amount not sure what will think of this yet).

Scalloped potatoes

Green Bean Casserole ~ Not Polish but a must have in our home

Homemade Mac and Cheese

Sos Zurawinowo-Porzeczkowy ~ This is a Polish Cranberry-Currant Sauce

Wild Cranberry Sauce Recipe ~ This a Gluten Free cranberry sauce (since mom is cutting most Gluten out of her diet).

A Cranberry Ginger Relish


Polish Potato Bread

Corn Bread ~ Because my daughters love it, and it is so easy to make.


Maria's Apple Slices

Pumpkin Cheesecake

It looks like a lot of food for 7 kids and 3 adults I know, but it is Thanksgiving. I think leftovers are great, and I really don’t have to cook much at all for the next week.  

So what is on your Thanksgiving table this year? What will your family be making? Are you going somewhere, are you cooking or just relaxing and having pizza?


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Gardenia said...

what a lovely menu you have planned. Happy blessed Thanksgiving.