Monday, August 27, 2012

{2012-2013 School Year Calendar}

I'm still working on a daily Schedule for our family, but I did finish our school calendar. This may change as we need it to but I have left lots of room for flexibility. It really is amazing how much a Schedule can change with each baby, each year I find we have to change things up just a little.

 We will have a 36 week plan with 180 days of learning
In our state we need to have 875 hours of class work per school year.
I figure 4.5- 5 hours a day 5 days a week will not be a problem since learning is part of everyday life.
Our school days are Monday -Thursday, Fridays off (we spend this day with our home school group classes), Saturday School and Sunday off.
3 weeks on and 1 week off of school.
August 20th First day of School- This was a day of fun in the Morning and getting used to all our new books in the afternoon. More of a back to school fun day for our family, which we all needed!
August 20th - September 1st (2 weeks of school)
September 3rd - 8th 1 week off of school
September 10th- September 29th (3 weeks of school)
October 1st - October 6th 1 week off of school
October 8th - October 27th (3 weeks of school)
October 29th - November 3rd 1 week off of school
November 5th -November 17th (2 weeks of school)
November 19th - November 24th 1 week off of school
November 26th - December 15th (3 weeks of school)
December 17th - January 5th  3 weeks off of school

January 7th - January 26th (3 weeks of school)

January 28th - February 2nd 1 week off of school

February 4th - February 23rd (3 weeks of school)

February 25th - March 2nd 1 week off of school

March 4th - March 23rd (3 weeks of school)

March 25th - March 30th 1 week off of school

April 1st - April 20th (3 weeks of school)

April 22nd - April 27th 1 week off of school

April 29th - May 18th (3 weeks of school)

May 20th - May 25th 1 week off of school

May 27th - June15th (3 weeks of school)

June 17th - June 22nd 1 week off of school

June 24th - July 13th (3 weeks of school)

July 15th - July 20th 1 week off of school

July 22nd - August 3rd (2 weeks of school)

We of course will take off for sick days when needed and Holidays like 4th of July. We will use the Weeks we have off for makeup days. This is what will work for our family this year; I am looking forward to school year round. Hope all of you have a great start to your school year home schooling or not:)

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Barefoot Hippie Girl said...

I like your on/off schedule. I prefer my summers off completely, but I know a lot of home schoolers have really enjoy a similar set up to this. I hope you year goes well.
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