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My Daybook :: July 31, 2012

Outside my window... I get to look at my girls reading together, which is such a thrill. It is always nice to see sisters get along since some days are not as easy.
I am Thinking...
About all the contractions and braxton hicks I'm having, which I am happy about.
I am also thinking about all the things I still have to do before our sweet little guy gets here in just a few weeks. Does the to-do list really ever end when you have a full house of children and family, no I don't think so but I would not want it any other way.

I am thankful...
For the strength I find only in Jesus Christ, I am so happy to have him in my life.
I have been having some rib problems we think for this little gut along with some right shoulder pain. We are hoping it is not a gall stone and is just something simple. I do know that the Lord's plans are just perfect and my life is in his hands as it should be because I would just mess things up.
I am also thankful for having almost all my school year plans done, with the help of my wonderful husband we may be done before the baby get here!

Learning all the time...
I just finished ordering the last of my books for this coming school year! I hope to post all details sometime this week with all our fun plans, that I hope to do! It really is amazing how many books we now have in our home with 5 children in school and a pre-k student. The girls ask everyday when we get to start our new school year which makes me so happy to hear. This year we went through Sonlight and added books from Seton Books, and Christian Liberty.

Living for our Lord each day...
We try our best to live for the Lord each and every day; we are hoping to start a new family Bible study this fall details coming soon!

From the Kitchen...
Lots of organic fruit and veggies in our home which are so good for you.
I have switched my diet to more of a fruit and veggie diet with about 50% of my calorie intake coming from lots of fresh raw fruits and veggies. I still eat dairy and red meat along with fish and chicken just not as much.
God made food to fight so many things why not use what God has given us.
Did you know that simple apple juice and beet juice can help soften the gall stones and flush them out. Why not give my body what it needs the most of.
Also from the Kitchen we have candy, yes sweets and candy as we get ready to celebrate our daughters 9th birthday this week.

I am creating... 
Daily plans for our family for this next school year. 

I am working on...
All the little extra things I need to get done before our new little guy gets here.
We are still stuck on a name:(
I 'm also trying to come up with a Blog Schedule for myself so I can post more. I seem to slip away all too much, and my family across the country lets me know:)

I am also working on all our extra activities we would like to do this school year. I must keep in mind that not everything will get done and that really is okay. 

I am going...
To try and post next year's curriculam plans for this up coming year.

I am hoping...
That we can have a baby name picked out in the next couple of weeks. We keep going back and forth on baby names I am sure my husband will pick out the perfect name.

I am reading...
My girls have been watching and reading the Left Behind books and movies, so I also checked out from the library a book called Will Catholics Be Left Behind? I may start reading this next week when I have a little more time.
Has anyone ever read this book?

I am praying...
For my health and the health of all the Momys that will be giving birth in the next 2 months. I just can't believe I'm almost at the end of my 9th pregnancy.

Around the house...
Lots of books to list on my An on-line Curriculum Sale Blog Hop. I will be linking up over at Jessica's blog which the link above will bring you to. I will have a lot of different type of books and maybe some dvd's and little extras and hope to finish my list by the end of the day August 1st.

One of my favorite things...
The Bible and my time with the Lord if I had the time I could spend each morning at Mass 7 days a week. I really long for more time with our father in heaven but with 7 little one's that does not happen. So sometimes the shower has to do (lol)!

A few plans for the week...

  • Finish my book sale list
  • Work on our pre-school plans
  • Finish our Schedule for the fall
  • Mark 2 things of the before baby list.
  • Order the last of our school books

A picture of a tired mommy working outside at 35 weeks pregnant

I am measuring 41 weeks as of my 34 week check -up!!
Ultrasound showed a healthy baby weighing 6 lbs 10 already in the 88th percentile!!
Are babies are all over 9lbs 4oz and I think the newest baby of the family will be following just the same.

A picture to share...
The top picture is of my oldest daughter and my wonderful husband. My daughter is only in 2nd grade here and she is now in 8th grade, were does the time go.

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