Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thanksgiving Menu

Okay here we are once again getting ready for Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to every minute of it. I know most think it is crazy to even think about cooking so much but I really love the look on everyone's face when they see all the food. In my family we have big eaters, and girls who love to help in the kitchen so we have a blast! It becomes more of a family binding time for us and a learning processes for the little ones. This year will look a little different than last year's Thanksgiving I like add new things and change things up a little. We will still keep my husband's top choices of course. a few.

Thanksgiving Menu 2012


Swirly crustless quiche - taken from the Practical Paleo cookbook, just a fabulous book if you enjoy eating well.

Fresh Strawberries and Oranges with coffee or tea

Now not everything can be to healthy on Thanksgiving so the rest of the menu has a little of everything.


Mixed olives, Brie cheese with cranberries, and crackers ( some gluten Free some not)

Red Pepper, Carrots, and Cucumber tray, with our favorite dip

Main dishes

Turkey with Gravy

Spiced lamb meatballs with balsamic-fig compote - taken from the Practical Paleo cookbook.


Stuffing - either Oyster-dressing, or Cornbread-dressing-with-sausage-and-apples

Scalloped potato gratin or Delicious_creamy_mashed_potatoes

Green bean casserole - We are making two this year green-bean-casserole and best-ever-green-bean-casserole


Brussels-sprouts-with-balsamic-and-cranberries - a small amount just to try it this year, not sure it will be a hit or not

Soul-sweet-taters-step-by-step-recipe - we will be adding little marshmallows but only a little since ALL my daughters love them

Cranberry relish

Homemade whole cranberry sauce


Pw_dinner_rolls_-_no_kneading_required - these look just easy and yummy!



Frosty Pumpkin Dessert

Louisa May Alcott's Apple Slump - taken from one of our favorite Thanksgiving books, An Old - Fashioned Thanksgiving

That's our feast this year and I can't wait! Black Friday starts Thursday night this year and I will be out and about just like last year! Baby Thomas will sleep a lot I hope since he loves his car seat, or I might just have to carry him in my Moby Wrap


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