Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Few Pictures...

I never just put up pictures of our children and our day to day normal life. Really this is only the last 2 weeks we stay pretty busy in our home.  I will be doing a picture a day starting 2013 hoping this gets me to snap more pictures! I really do enjoy takinging pictures and blogging our litle family, a nice blessing for family and friends unable to visit.
Out for dinner during the week of Thanksgiving
I cook so much that we normally eat out the few days before the big Turkey feast

Hannah as sweet as can be!

Thomas is wearing a 6 month outfit here, he is only 2 months old!!
I'm thinking line backer, or maybe just a big healthy Christian boy!

Thomas found his hands a few days after Thanksgiving

Juliana was so excited to be going yet again on a horse and wagon ride.
We do this every year and it never seems to get boring.

Thomas just loves his little outfit from daddy's work!
Thank you Sysco!

This year we again did a gift exchange with some very dear friends on line.
We made ornaments and bracelets for the girls and baskets for the moms.
We painted and glittered 38 ornaments and made 38 bracelets along with 8 baskets for the mom's.
With the help of my husband we were able to finish everything up!

A wonderful Trifle that I brought to a women's fellowship this past week
I really have no name for it I just kind of put everything together.
It does have lots of Chocolate, cranberries, cream cheese frosting and whip cream!!

Daddy reading our scripture for the evening during our Jesse Tree Nights!

Thomas all snuggles to pick out our Christmas Tree


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