Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bye, Bye 2012.. Hello 2013...

2012 is almost over and I just can't believe in a couple of days we will ring in a New Year!  What a crazy year we have had as a family, I'm looking forward to the fresh start of a new year, I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for us!! Praying that 2013 will bring peace and love in my family, with great health and wisdom!

In 2012 I was given the best gift any women could ask for, the Lord blessed our family with a son!! We have 7 daughters so having a son was just such a treat!! My pregnancy was far from relaxing with Placenta Previa and worries, but in the end everything worked out well!

My husband and I grew closer this year, after 15 years of marriage I think we are both finally figuring out how perfect we are together.

In 2012 my husband decided to answer Gods calling, and change carrier paths. He is feeling called to attend Seminary in 2015 after in finishes his BA. I am scared and alive all at once! Being a full time student with 8 children will be challenging, but between blogging and 2 family sides jobs we will be just fine, the Lord is our strength. It does help to be about 90% debt free, I'm not sure we could do this with lots of debit hanging over ús. 

This year New Year I hope to make changes in my life to better who I am as a daughter, wife and mother. All I want is my heavenly father to say well done! When I make decisions now I always keep in mind that not only are my children watching me but also my father in heaven. It really changes the way you handle things, keeping your mind fixed upon Jesus and remembering that everything you do is seen from Heaven!

I have some new challenges in 2013 to take on with my health, nothing to serious but challenges. Watching my Gluten in take for myself and my daughter Victoria is a must. We both feel horrible when we eat too much, but I feel this is a blessing since eating a Whole Foods diet is 100% better for you! The cost is a little higher but not by much, I have done the math over and over again. It's way cheaper than doctor visits, and taking time off of work!

Still home schooling in 2013, this will be my 14th year as a stay at home mom, and my 11th year as a home school mother!! In Feb I start making plans for the upcoming year and I can't wait to share it all with you!

Down below I have come up with a new Blogging schedule so you know what I will be posting on which days. Now, I am a real mom with a real family and the strange thing is I do have things to do other than blogging, I know crazy! Really if I forget a post or two I am still around just most likely caring for the family. Of course we will be blogging other things than my 5 topics but my goal is at least a post each day except on Sundays.

Monday - My day book a log of my upcoming week

Tuesday - Gluten Free/Organic meal plans For Large families

Wed - Snap shots of Life

Thursday - Home school ideas and plans

Friday - Preparing the Heart

What are some of your plans in 2013?

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