Friday, December 7, 2012

Jesse Tree Devotionals and Pictures Days 6 and 7

Here are the next 2 nights from our family Jesse tree nights. Find a extra 10-15 minutes each night you will be glad you did. Since we have 3 set's each set does things just a little different. The handmade set was given to me from some dear friends on-line.  The fleece set was made by my husband and I, and the Wooden set I bought from a Etsy store , and each set does a wonderful job!

Day 6 December 6th
Jacob's Ladder
Symbol: A Ladder
Memory verse: Genesis 28:15
Children's devotional: Genesis 12:1-7
Adult devotional: Genesis 28:10-22,  Genesis 27:41-28:22

Sorry about some of the pictures I had to use my phone to take the next couple of sets.



Day 7 December 7th
Joseph's Coat of Many Colors
Symbol: The Coat of Joseph
Memory verse: Romans 8:28
Children's devotional: Genesis 37:3-36, 50:18-21, Romans 8:28
Adult devotional: Genesis 37-50, Romans 8:28


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