Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Look from our Last Week

Since my mom can't be with us this year for Christmas my blog is a little heavy with pictures. She may not see us for a very long time, since she lives 1200 miles away. Like most weeks in December we had a full week of plans staying busy doing all kinds of things and loving every moment of it. If you look at my post on our Advent books and Plans for 2012  you'll see we do a lot as a family. After my husband worked 12 hours he still smiles as he carries our family tree in from the cold, what a man!
  In past years we would normally wait till the week of Christmas for our tree, but my husband and children love the Christmas tree so we decided to go ahead and enjoy it much earlier  this year.  We have our lights up but I think we will wait till Christmas Eve for the Ornaments, a fun way to surprise the children Christmas morning!
We had a visit from my sister Laura and her 2 wonderful children, which was such a fun time. It has been almost 4 months since we have seen her, way to long. Since my sister came up on December 8th the night Hanukkah starts we decided to have a little Hanukkah party, with Potato Latkes and games, such fun! We played the game War with our Gold chocolate coins, and laughed into the late evening. My sister had to leave early the next morning since we woke up to the falling of snow, with a 4 hour drive home in good weather we understood. 
So,  like I said early the next morning we woke up to snow which was so pretty to see, we should have snow in December it just makes since.  We went to church where we spent the day in worship, fellowship. After lunch we spend the afternoon in our church bible study which I have grown to really love! We are going over a new book together  The Enemy Within: Straight Talk About the Power and Defeat of Sin  what a great book! If you have a chance pick this up and read through this with your spouse or church family, you will be so glad you did!
The snow we received from our great Creator was perfect for Snowman, which my husband and children made before we even walked through door after church. The next morning we had to fix our snowman up a little which my girls did not mind. I  was reminded that the next time it snows my family would like to add buttons, scarf and hat. I think the thrift store would be a great place to find all of that!
Okay my blog post would not be complete without pictures, so I took a few pictures to share with you all!
My wonderful husband looking great as ever!

Waiting for daddy it seems like forever when your little!

Thomas wearing his lumberjack outfit for the occasion

Daddy and Thomas

Counting our chocolate coins
Oh, that mess in the glass bowl is a chocolate trifle which was worth the pound I gained from eatting it!
Most was gluten free, so mommy felt okay

Dessert on our Haunakka plates

Let the fun begin!!

Juliana was the first one out the door to fix our snowman

Advent Blessings!

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