Saturday, December 22, 2012

All is calm, all is bright or Will be...

My favorite time of year next to Easter is Christmas a time for faith, food and fun. Oh, and colds and coughs!!! Here I sit in a home full of Christmas cookies, trees trimmed and Nativity's laid out. My whole family has been hit by this cold and it has been really rough. You know when my husband lays around not moving something is wrong.

I thought at first with a house full of sick family members I would just be able to sit around in a quite house and blog, but moms really never rest! With 8 children and 1 sick husband you don't have much help like your used to so sitting around just don't happen. I'm not feeling 100% myself but the Lord has spare me the worst of this flu, someone needs to be well enough to run the house. Glad the Lord picked me!!

I hope to catch up on some blog posts that I have started as soon as we are all better, and we hope before Christmas!

I love putting up pictures that I find floating in our Computer. We have so many pictures now that we download everything we snap. I think one of these days I will have to print some off and start filling all the scrapbooks I have!

Katelin 9 years old

Advent blessings,

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