Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jesse Tree Devotionals and Pictures...

We love our Jesse tree nights as a family, even the little ones seem to listen a little better. As we put up our new ornament for the evening we as a family get to listen to the scriptures. Each ornament has a picture or symbol that goes along with the evenings story. We start at the beginning with Genesis and the creation of the world and end at Christmas day with the birth of Jesus Christ.  I have added the magi as well so we read through Epiphany which is January 6th.
 Each night I thought it would be fun to share our ornaments and our devotionals, both for the children and the adults. We have been finding that adding a coloring page is much fun and keeps little fingers busy while reading. You can also just have a few children's bibles out so that the children can follow along with you. We have 3 sets this year so each set is a little different, I will share each one with you. If you would like you may use any of these ideas for your family use in your home.

Our little real Balsam Fir tree which will hold the wonderful handmade set of ornamnets sent to me. 22 of my wonderful on-line friends had a Jesse tree swap and they all decided to send me a set. With little Thomas I just was not able to take part in the swap this year, Thank you dear Momys!!
This looks so nice in the dark with the little white lights.

This Jesse Tree was made by my husband and I over 6 years ago.
Made of all felt and very kid friendly

This set was bought from a Etsy store last year.
We have really nice garland all over our house with clear lights on them.
We decided to hang them from the garland that goes over our doorway leading into our living room.

Here are the first 5 nights from our family Jesse tree nights. Find a extra 10-15 minutes each night you will be glad you did. Since we have 3 set's each set does things just a little different. The handmade set was given to me from some dear friends on-line. The fleece set was made by my husband and I, and the Wooden set I bought from a Etsy store, and each set does a wonderful job!

Day 1 December 1st
The Light in Creation
Symbol: Could be a sun, or a Globe
Memory verse: Genesis 1:1
Children's devotional: Genesis 1:1-2:4, and John 1:1-4
Adult devotional: Genesis 1 and 2, John 1:1-4, 17:5, Colossians 1:16, 17 and Psalm 150

Day 2 December 2nd
The First Sin
Symbol: The Apple, or Adam and Eve
Memory verse: Isaiah 53:6
Children's devotional: Genesis 3:1-24; Isaiah 53:6
Adult devotional: Genesis; 1 John 1:8-10; Isaiah 59:2 and 53:6



Day 3  December 3rd
The Ark of Noah or The Apple of  Sin
Symbol: The Ark and Rainbow or The Apple
Memory verse: Romans 6:23 or Isaiah 53:6 ( for the Apple )
Children's devotional: Genesis 6:5-8; 7:17-23; 9:16; Romans 6:23
Adult devotional: Genesis 6:9-9:17; Romans 6:23; Joshua 23:14

Day 4 December 4th
The call to Abram or The Rainbow of the Ark
Symbol: The Camel and Tent, The Camel, or The Rainbow
Memory verse: Genesis 12:3b or Romans 6:23 ( for the Ark )
Children's devotional: Genesis 12:1-7
Adult devotional: Genesis 12:1-7; 15:1-21, Hebrews 11:8, Matthew 1:1

As you can see one of our sets is already doing things a little different.
It really works out to the girls getting extra scripture read and learning different things.
Who would complain about that!!

Day 5 December 5th
The Ram of Isaac or The stars of Abram
Symbol: The Ram, or Stars
Memory verse: John 1:29
Children's devotional: Genesis 22:1-13; John 1:29
Adult devotional: Genesis 22:1-19, Isaiah 53:7, John 1:29 and 1 Peter1:19

We did not get our Ram pictures sorry, I will try to post this later.

The Stars above is what we used for a symbol today. These are already glued on the felt.


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