Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Pictures~~To share

We had a wonderful Christmas Season as a family.  I am way behind on posting pictures and Grandmas that could not be with us are waiting for me to post them.
                                          One of the many pictures snapped for our Christmas cards.
Trying to get 6 girls to face foward and smile was a good time. Then we added our Dog and that made it even more intresting.

Christmas 2009
Katelin 10, Grace 8, Victoria 6, Juliana 3, Hannah 2, and Madelyn 11 months.

Baby Madelyn 11 months old

Katelin, Hannah and Juliana
We made this on Dec 19th during the O' Antiphons.

Katelin Made a new baby blanket for her baby sister Madelyn.
Katelin takes her role as a big sister very Seriously. She will make such a good mommy someday.
I love the fleece blankets there so warm and cozy.

The Girls got there new Christmas Pajama's
on Christmas Eve.

Daddy always reads the night before Christmas to the girls on Christmas Eve.

Here baby Madyln has decided to read a book while daddy is reading.

                                    Okay it's upside down and she only flipped the book around.
                                    It's so sweet to see children take a intrest in books and reading.
                                       Even if they only flip it around and look at it upside down.
                                                          You have to start somewhere.

Madelyn is opening her gift from Katelin. She has slept with her new blanket everyday since Christmas.

Signing Time Christmas is what Hannah had Books, movies and flashcards.
Hannah has been learning ASL with Signing Times for over 1yr now.
Now the whole family has learned ASL
Thanks Hannah love you!

Victoria had asked for a Pink Cowboy Hat and a Husky Wow Wee Cub
Well Grandma sent the Pink cowboy hat which she loves
 Mommy and daddy got her the Husky Cub
Merry Christmas Victoria!

Juliana loves Panda bears and also recived a Panda Cub from Wow Wee.

Katelin put our punch out Nativity set up.
She put it up all by herself with just a little help from mom and dad.
It took her a few hours but she finished.

Another picture.

The Girls look so excited. This explains our Christmas Morning just look at there faces

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