Friday, January 8, 2010


I have been really thinking about how I came to be what I am lately. I am from a one parent home and was raised by my father. My father did a wonderful job and the best he could. I missed out on traditions and religion in my home growing up. We never went to church, never prayed before meals; I was never read to as a little girl. I had a good life never went without and some how stayed out of trouble as all my friends found trouble. Most of my friends came from divorced families and all attended public school and none of my friends came from homes full of God. I lived in a really nice city and like I said we all had hard working parents that took great care of us. We/I was just missing the very things I could never live without now.

Here is what happened in my life when all odds were stalked up against me. How could I turn out okay with no religion and divorced parents? I have a wonderful mother but I never had the chance to be close to her during my teen years. A mother is the one to train her daughter how to be a wife and mother. I love my mom so much and don't blame her for anything. She has always been there for me. Love you mom! How could I become a mother without someone to train me? I would have to do this on my own. Little did I know that during my teen years my life would start to change? My father gave himself to Christ and became a Christian when I was about 12 or 13 praise God. Little did I know God was working in my life because of my father he prayed for me and my sisters daily? He knew his mistakes and wanted to change things and better his daughter’s lives. That would explain why I made different choices then my friends. Why all 3 of his daughters married wonderful men and have children and family’s. My older sisters have both been married now about 17 and 16 years. I have been married for 13 years. Oh and we all have Christ in our family’s and walk with him daily. So a Prayerful parent even one can make a huge difference.

My husband is the best husband a wife could ask for many say it but any woman would be proud to be his wife. I have 6 daughters that I home school and now get the chance to give my girls what I missed out on. My home is full of love, and togetherness with both parents. My husband and I both are strong Christians and Strong Catholics we love our new faith that the Lord showed us. My husband grew up Catholic for the most part but I did not. What a blessing to have the Catholic Church in our life it has helped us grow closer to God in ways I never thought I could. We as a couple have decided to beat the odds and celebrate many Anniversaries as husband and wife.
We homeschool our children and guess what I now have been given the chance to change my family tree and I now get the chance to show my daughters all the things they will need to know to better themselves as women, mothers and wives. God is so good and I love him so much for all he has done in my life. Yes there are hard times being a Christian it is not all perfect. Trying to live without him would be worse and very foolish. We have the whole world up against us is seems ladies I know some days we just want to give up. But hold on Ladies hold on to your family’s tight and pray. Pray everyday for your family and your children no matter what it looks like prayer works.


Anonymous said...

it sure does. Prayer can move mountains! Our Lady always redundant message is to pray.

.I followed your blog from Jessica's

Pamela said...

Thanks for you comment. Prayer is so powerful our Ladys message to pray is such a important message. Thanks for sharing.