Saturday, January 23, 2010

A green organic baby....

Okay a green organic baby is what I plan to have. I already eat really well and have been for years. I am an Organic mommy for sure and I feel great because of it. Now that I am pregnant and nursing still I will have to be even more careful. The book I love and have read many times is Green babies Sage moms. I have a list of great books but this one I have used the most. I use Organic coconut oil on my belly it smells great and works fantastic. I make almost all my house cleaners I save a ton and use less. We use cloth dippers and wipes which also saves a lot and it is way better for your babies. There are so many reasons to switch to good food and safe products for your family. Read your labels spend the couple extra dollars on good food that will not kill or hurt you down the road. We have gone down the road of Organic cotton now as well. We already have Organic sheets but will be buying more organic clothes. Green babies has a great website greenbabies check it out. We also buy from the Amish were we live they have Organic farms with great food.

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