Monday, January 4, 2010

How much sleep does a mother need

I am not sure how much sleep a mother needs I think 6-9 hrs a day. What about a mother who is nursing a 1yr old, chasing 5 other children, keeping up with the house, and homeschooling. I don't think there is enough time in the day to get all the rest I would like to have. I go to bed between 9pm and 11pm because my hubby is up anywhere between 1am and 4am each day for work. My little one will wake up in the middle of the night to nurse and then nurse all night long in our bed. Then my girls will wake up it seems to be earlier and earlier each day. Today it was 5:45am all 6 of them up at the same time. That was early and today the coffee is not even working but I will just smile at least try. You know there watching everything I do.

Today God has given me the Grace to carry on as he does each and everyday. Remember God will give you no more then he knows you can handle. So we sometimes say we can't handle all the things given to us. Remember when you prayed for all those gifts and your heavenly father gave them to you. He gave them to you because he loves you they were gifts from him he answered your prayers.

He is not going to give you anything he does not think you can handle. So take a deep breath and remember as you sit and sip your coffee holding your head in the early mornings, watching your kids run in circles with all that energy God loves you. Maybe we should pray for more energy to go along with all the gifts we ask from our father in Heaven.

What I find helps and what I tell myself on days where I am just too tired for words is this. This is a season a season that ends way to fast for many of us. When this time is over many of us wish to have the very season you hated back because it makes you sad that your kids now don't need you as much. Hold them tight and smile that today you had the early wake up call from your gifts sent from heaven. Smile and sip your coffee and just watch them run in circles you will be glad you did. Memories are what you are making, so make them good memories for yourself and your kids.

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