Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day Pictures

Okay my girls are so sweet you must know by now I think the world of them.  Larry and I went to bed around 2:30 am and knew we would be up at 6 am. You see Christmas morning is a very special time in our house as I am sure it is in your own homes. This Christmas we have a 11.5 yr old in our home and she managed to read to the girls and let us sleep in. Thank you Katelin!

 7:30 am and then our day started


Some Gifts from Texas
Thank you so much Mike!

 Barbie from the Nutcracker. Barbie is not a role model in our home but after she watched the real Nutcracker and saw Toy Story 3 this seemed to fit.
Thanks Grandma she loves her.
New Bible for Grace she had been asking for one for so long.

 We believe in the second Amendment
Thank you Doug and Beall Phillips for the great prouducts you provide for our family.

 Daddy made breakfast. We had homemade American fries with Ham eggs and cheese.

After Breakfast it was time to play

Merry Christmas!

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Gardenia said...

look at all those smiles. merry Christmas.