Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cookies and Baking for Christmas 2010

So every year we make way to many cookies and then end up sending them out to all our friends because we could not eat as many as we make . I then wonder oh my how did I gain so much weight it was only a  couple cookies and snacks each day:( Well this year is no different my girls remind me if I forget that it is indeed time for Christmas baking and music in our kitchen.  Now we bake and cook throughout Advent but the last week or two we kick it up.

My girls love helping me and I am so sorry I did not start sooner.  Sure they have made Mac and Cheese with me, Pancakes things like that but never big projects.

On our list this year we have the following to bake. Some with pictures some with links.

Starting on Dec 14th -we made These Oatmeal cookies which were a hit.
My big Helper for the day.

Mommy Cooking with little CJ. Yes you can cook with a baby really it just takes twice as long:)

Here they are so yummy!

Dec 15th- Russian Tea Cakes
Dec 16th/17th- German Pfeffernusse
Dec 18th- We made Ginger bread Houses in our new pan. These turned out really good and the recipe is on the back so no searching to find a great recipe.
                                                           Wilton 6 Cavity Gingerbread Village Cookie Pan
We also made a Gingerbread Trifle found here. This was so easy and everyone loved it.
Finished and everyone is waiting..

Grandpa was waiting..

So was our little Claudia.

Maybe next year.

What a sweetheart!

Dec 19th- Sweet and Crunchy Garland found in this wonderful book my big Sister bought for our family.
Kids in the Holiday Kitchen: Making, Baking, Giving

This is a must have for Christmas it is full of so much.

 Off the subject we were given this cookbook from my big sister a couple years ago. I use this cookbook a least once a week. Please find it and buy it you will love it!

Williams-Sonoma Family Meals: Creating Traditions in the Kitchen

Dec 20th- We made a Winter 2010 Chow and a Key Lime Mousse Pie oh yummmy!
Our finished Pie

My 7 year old took another picture good job Victoria.

The Winter 2010 Chow Had everything my girls love tis year.
Pretzels, peanuts, M&M's, Cherrios, Corn and Rice Chex brand Cereal, and Toy Story 3 Cereal. I never buy food with GMO's or Food coloring. We always try to buy Organic so this was a big treat. I think next year we will try a Organic Chow.

Dec 21st- We made another wonderful cake called nutty-orange-coffee-cake Thanks to Paula deen.  My picture is not all that great but it was so good.  Once again I ate way to much.
I would put this on a cake plate with some Powdered sugar much prettier.

Dec 22nd- Nutmeg Sparklers found in our Penzeys-Spice Mag., and Sugar cookies.
Dec 23rd- Polish Star Cookies and our Chocolate Nativity Mold for our Jesus Birthday cake.
Here is the mold we bought for the top of our Jesus Birthday cake. Thanks again Jessica
Nativity Set, Set of 2 Molds

About Polish Cookies.
The Polish Star Cookie in Polish is called gwiazdki z nieba, which means, "heavenly stars" or stars from the sky"  The star of Bethlehem is a very important part of a Polish Christmas Tradition. In Poland the Christmas Eve dinner is also known as the Star Supper. We will have these on Christmas Eve after Mass.

Dec 24th- I will make a cake for Jesus. It is a 3 layer Mocha Cake with a Whip Cream Topping.

Hope your having a blessed Advent !


Jessica said...

Oh Wow! That Gingerbread Trifle looks amazing! I clicked over to see the recipe, and I am wondering what you used for the "Gingerbread Cake?" I might just have to add that to our menu for Christmas!

Pamela said...

The Gingerbread Cake recipe is in the recipe. I thought the same thing.
The trifle is so good! I hope you and your family enjoy this if you do make it.

Merry Christmas,

Gardenia said...

wow. you are quite a baker. so cute ...the pic of you and Claudia Joy in the kitchen.