Monday, December 13, 2010

The Feast of Saint Nicholas

                                                    Our Saint Nicholas Day
Larry and I work together on these feasts since we love to spoil are little girls.  Daddy had to work the next day so we took lots of pictures for him to see. We have had really fancy tables in the past. This year not as fancy but still so much fun:)
                                               Here is our Saint Nicholas Table
                                        Waiting for are little girls the next morning.

We had the girls leave their shoes out and then replaced them wth Slippers. We filled them with gold coins, and laid out our St Nick Puppets that daddy made for them a few years ago. Each girl also got a new book something we started a a couple years ago. The girls love it and each book is something they enjoy reading even after Christmas.

Saint nick also left them this sweet little PlanToys Plan Dollhouse Pet and Accessories Furniture. Our girls love animals all kinds really, and mom loves the Plan Toys.
                                                              Special Pancake Breakfast
         Homemade spelt Pancakes with Door County Cherries(from Door County Wisconsin)of course.  Real Whip cream, and Breakfast sasuages
We had our Hot chocolate and Cherry Pancake breakfast which was just wonderful. I also cook from scratch which makes family meals so special. I will post our Pancake recipe over at Cooking With A Large Family our cooking blog.

                                            My Girls happy as can be!

Victoria with her new Merry Christmas, Curious George! Book and Slippers!

                                              Grace with her pink slippers and very sweet book.
          The Princess and the Kiss: The Three Gifts of Christmas a must have if  you have little girls in your life.

Hannah loves I Spy A Christmas Tree (I Spy (Scholastic Hardcover)) Books what a sweetheart

Juliana loves her Ariel slippers and sanit Nick can you tell.

Madelyn with her new princess slippers and A Yuletide Ice Cube Fair (Big Idea Books / VeggieTales)

Our oldest loves St. Nick so her new book The Secret of St. Nicholas fits her well. We think she knows the secret;)

                                                       Daddy and Claudia Joy

                Hope you had a blessed  St. Nick Day

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Gardenia said...

what a lovely St. Nicholas celebration. nice to meet you. and your St. Lucia bread looks delicious!