Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve Pictures.

Here I have pictures that my family has asked for. A blog is so nice to have when you have family all over the country. So these are in no order just a bunch of very happy and excited children Christmas Eve Night.

                              The first picture was taken after Christmas Eve Mass.


 Madeyln's new Christmas Eve pj's

Grace in her Tinkerbell pj's
Victoria received Disney Bella pj's.

A couple pictures of our living room all ready for Christ's Birthday. 

We used to have so much decor for Christmas but in our new home we have very little room. Our home is warm and comfy and filled with lots of love. What more can you ask for:)

 Daddy Read Twas the Night before Christmas Book and Madeyln thought it would be fun to play duck duck goose. She was so tired.   

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